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The 6 Questions Of Socrates Essay

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Hello, Taylor and Shilpa. Thank you for coming to this discussion of Socrates and of his ideals. Today, we have a special guest, who wrote The 6 Questions of Socrates, a journey of Socratic beliefs in the modern world. Please welcome Christopher Phillips and commend him for doing such a marvelous job in captivating Socrates’s beliefs as well as in his attempt of putting them in words for us all to read and learn from. An example of one of Christopher’s beautiful quotes is about virtue, or arete, and he states, “For each member of society to have well-being and harmony inside herself, she has to live in a healthy society - one that is open and honest about its strengths and its failings - that wants the same, for the long-term good of everyone. To achieve this, both have to honestly confront their shortcomings and contradictions, and try to resolve them (or at least recognize them), for the long-term good of everyone. Virtue, I think, lies in this confrontation,” (Phillips 47). Virtue, along with moderation and courage, are a few of the main ideas that are brought up in most Socratic discussions (and will be brought up in ours), as well as in Christopher Phillips’s book entitled The 6 Questions of Socrates.
Socrates, who lived around 470 - 399 BCE, was a Greek philosopher. He believed that, in order to be a happy human, you must be able to think about and question everything. He believed that an unexamined life was not worth living. The Socratic Method is the way for a speaker to not complete any thought, but let listeners come to their own ideas and conclusions. In order to maintain eudaimonia, the Greek word for “flourishing”, one must remain introspective and question the world around them (Class Notes).
“When I say that I’m not sure there’s a such thing as virtue anymore, I mean that if we’re no longer creating the products of virtue, then it seems to me that virtue itself can no longer exist,” (Phillips 12)....

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