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The 6th Mediation Descartes claim that he has proven that bodies do exist and that he is intimately connected to his body. While we may have our own opinion about Descartes arguments we must ask ourselves do his argument hold up to a closer scrutiny. Descartes mentions about the distinction between mind and body, so we can better understand how he goes on and proves that the body exist. What is one conclusion Descartes must come up with is the existent of God and how that connects to the existent of the body. Most of Descartes belief have to be doubted before he begins diving into his own existing, then he can answer the question of why bodies do exist. Without existence mind and body would ...view middle of the document...

He begins by doubting everything, but he reaches conclusions based on "the light of nature", and states quite bluntly that one cannot deny his conclusions. He is not just sure of his conclusions, he is absolutely certain of them. That's the reason Descartes conclusion cannot be right, because there decisions and not conclusion they come from nature itself witch at the time many scientific achievement have not been accomplish.

His meditations begin by attempting to doubt everything, and to build up from that to those few things which we can know with certainty. The result is an idea of the human as essentially spiritual, but temporarily connected to a material body, which knows that its perceptions are valid because God is no deceiver. And how do we know about God? Because we couldn't have even the concept of so perfect a being unless God had put it into us, like the mark of the craftsman on his work. Now Descartes has seven conclusion to describe his idea about the body the first of his ideas goes into thoughts he has those ideas that god has created into him. Second the mind and body are not the same they act in such a different way that one can act separate from another. Third Descartes pronounce himself as nothing but a thinking thing and that the body does not think in a way the mind does. Fourth he can have imagination and sensory perception these to Descartes are consider faculties and with these he can better understand himself as whole. Descartes also states that he can produce ideas this goes hand in hand with his fourth conclusion of sense perception and active faculties. His six the sensory perception are either created by god or by the body this is a big conclusion he comes up with because before he stated about god existent and that makes us exist while proving that the bodies are real. Now in his final perception he comes to the conclusion that God is not the source of the sensory perception,...

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