The Abandoned House Essay

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I have lived all over Florida, but I had just recently moved to Winter Haven and I like to explore my surroundings. I made friends in the neighborhood and since none of us were old enough to drive, we all walked, and we walked as far as we could possibly go. One day while walking, it started to rain, so we found a carport and sat under it and talked. We noticed the house looked abandoned so we looked around in the windows to make sure. This house looked like an ordinary rundown house, but on the inside it had a scarier story to tell.
The exterior of the house looked like any other run down house with faded, dirty yellow cracking paint and a yard that had grass as tall as an Amazon Forest. ...view middle of the document...

The second door opened into a hallway. This hallway had no windows and went around another small room that was surrounded by windows, but you couldn’t see into them and there was no light coming through them. This small room was between the hallway and the room that we entered through. The hallway also had no ceiling, you could see directly into the attic and to the roof of the house. The hallway lead into a kitchen and living room where the front door was. Adjacent to the kitchen was a dining room that lead to another hallway which was also missing parts of the ceiling. This hallway branched off into a bathroom and two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms was as red as a cherry, the other bedroom was navy blue. Then there was a bath room at first we just walked past it, but it smelled as if something had died in it. So my friend opened the linen closet and the smell was worse so we ran away from the bathroom.
We met in the first room that we came in because it was on the other side of the house. We all decided that we wanted to stay the night in this house so we told our parents that we were...

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