The Abc's Of 'hacking' Part 2

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ARP PoisoningMain Issues:The Address Resolution Protocol's uses in detecting and rerouting traffic can cause havoc on a network where ARP's functionality is needed. ARP's capability of altering ARP tables at the switch makes it a prime target for hackers as point of entry in their attack. Because ARP works at both the network layer and the data link layer it can shutdown a network's data transfer with the outside world by confusing computers in understanding exactly where to pass information to.Conclusions of the article:ARP Spoofing is one of the most useful techniques of gaining access to protected material on a network that most hackers employ. It gives them full control over the data as it passes between the target and a gateway. Stopping ARP poisoning by disallowing it's functionality is a double edged sword in that it would stop the network from functioning in an efficient manner, because each time the target computer would have to request the MAC address of the other computer for each data transfer and authenticate it, which would cause major overhead. Data is only as safe as the administrator's skill in providing protection and disabling services that causes such attacks to occur within a network.My comments:I personally enjoyed the article for it showed me just how powerful ARP is and also extended my learning learned in class of this utility and brought its importance to the forefront. Although I knew that the ARP utility was important I didn't know exactly that if it were not part of the TCP/IP protocol suite that the internet and networks will all crawl to a standstill. We used this utility in class but didn't change the individual mac addresses on the ARP table for each computer, but this article gave me hands on material to actually see how ARP poisoning is done. The importance of this article is that if one were to aspire to become a security professional in the future this is great article to get her/his feet wet. When people say, why do people teach other people to hack, the response is always, "if you don't know how to do it then how are you going to protect your network from such attacks?". This is very useful because the reader is given hands on understanding of how vulnerable certain aspects of the TCP/IP protocol really are.References:Tim Parker, Karanjit Siyan., "Overview of TCP/IP." TCP/IP Unleashed, 3rd Edition. InformIT. 23 Aug 2003Seth Fogie, Cyrus Peikari.., "The Ingredients to ARP Poison." Prentice Hall PTR. InformIT. 18 Aug 2002 is a stable, well-established, complete set of protocols, and this chapter takes a close look at exactly what makes it tick. TCP and IP are separate protocols which use different headers that define the packet's contents, because TCP is used to identify remote hosts while IP is used make sure that the packets get to the intended target. TCP/IP enables cross-platform, or heterogeneous, networking. TCP has good failure recovery,...

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