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The Ab Cs Of Managing Teacher Stress

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For my article response assignment, I chose “The ABCs of Managing Teacher Stress.” In this article, it discusses the major stressors that come with being a teacher and how to decrease the stress so they do not become a statistic. The way the authors break up the article is by making three strategies: A is for acknowledge, B is for Behavior Modification, and C is for communication. The article did not mention some stressors including salary, little down time, constant paperwork, student test scores, and selflessness.
Acknowledge is the first strategy of the article and is the most important for successfully decreasing work-related stress. Teachers need to acknowledge which stressors are affecting them the most, so that they can work towards eliminating or at least decreasing them. The list of general stressors that effect most teachers include professional relationships, class size, resources, workload, student behavior, changes, and role conflict. After acknowledging their personal stressors, teachers are recommended to eliminate or decrease current behaviors and implement new ones.
The second strategy of reducing stress is Behavior Modification. This is step encourages certain behaviors that will decrease stress and effectively handle any future problems without acquiring as much stress. This section recommends exercise, meditation/diaphragmatic breathing, daily quiet reflection, and to find a positive environment for social support. Three other major pieces of advice include time-management strategies, creative problem solving, and cognitive restructuring. For time-management, the use of “boxing” is recommended for teachers to determine three levels of important tasks and provide a timetable to complete all tasks on time. These levels are separated by importance and time restraint; highly important and immediate (Group A), less important and further due date (Group B), and the rest of the tasks (Group C). For this system to work correctly, the teacher must complete all of “Group A” before moving on to “Group B,” and all of “Group B” before starting the tasks in “Group C.” The article also mentions that procrastination must always be avoided to reduce anxiety related to task-completion. Problem solving is an important skill to continuously work on as a teacher. The basic steps of problem-solving include describing the issue, analyzing it, brainstorming solutions, discussing options with colleagues, referring to personal experience, settling on a solution, implementing it, and analyzing the effectiveness for future use. Successfully using these steps to breakdown an issue and implement a solution will decrease stressors related to student behavior, workload, class size, inadequate resources, much more. Cognitive restructuring is the process of reconfiguring personal thoughts that sometimes cause or increase stress. The best method of applying this strategy is by thinking of neutral or positive connotations about the stressor. This is more...

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