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The Abduction Of Women In The Secret History Of The Mongols

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Easter Boykins Amanda Bishop History April 1, 2014 The Abduction of Women in “The Secret History of the Mongols” The Mongols livelihood was based on tribal raids en-order to survive. During the twelfth century the Mongols wanted to be ruler over the Khitans, and Jurchens, which consisted of a majority of wandering individuals that continued to reside in the east, and learned to become skilled at assets from China. The Turks were another group of peoples that wanted to become ruler over the Khitans, and Jurchens. This particular group of individuals was well trained in working with metal, but revolted against the Rouruans, which previously conquered the eastern Silk Road of Central Asia , and continued to the region of Mongolia. In the twelfth century war rage between the Jurchens, and the Khitans, as a result the Jurchens became victorious, therefore gained further access into China. Unlike, the Khitans and the Jurchens, who adapted to the Chinese customs, the Mongols never wavered from their traditional way of living. Before the enormous invasion the Mongols did have any rural communities, or suburbs, therefore had to transfer their livestock according to the seasons. The Mongols dwelling consisted of circular tents known as yurts, instead of houses. The yurts were made big enough for a whole family to live in, as well as waterproof. The area the Mongols lived was cold, and the land was not adequate for farming, therefore their diet normally consisted of meat products, along with milk from cows, or goats. The Mongols did not have adequate means of keeping food fresh, therefore was often concerned with the health status of all livestock’s. The Mongols had to face many hardships that affected their food supply, like the cold seasons, or illness. Since the land was not adequate for agriculture the Mongols could not plant grains, or vegetables. The Mongols had to trade their own goods to acquire grains, and vegetables, from travelers. The Mongols women similar to men had to work hard, especially when the men were away foraging for food. The Mongol women work included setting up house from place to place, gathering animal manure for fire, as well as driving the farm wagon. The Mongols women, also tended the animals, make clothes, and show expertise in shooting, and riding. The women and men in the Mongols tribe communicated equally in decision-making. The daily life of the Mongols men consist of making wagons for riding purposes, and the foundations for family dwelling. The Mongols men, also made equipment for livestock’s, hunting, and combat. Some of the men of Mongols were excellent in metal working, making weapons, such as spears, and knives. The number one rule of the Mongols was peoples of the same clan could not marry, but could obtain a wife from rival clans. Another tradition of the Mongols if the female husband dies, she is usually inherited by a former brother-in-law, or step-son. The Mongols tribes usually consisted of individuals that...

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