The Power Of Advertising: A Threat To Our Way Of Life

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Advertising surrounds us in our everyday lives, and advertisers use countless means and do whatever it takes to catch the consumer’s eye. Advertisements are marketed to attract consumers to materialistic goods; they create an infatuation for perfection and for beauty. Advertising is used to promote goods, services, images, and anything else that advertisers want to publicize. It is becoming a major part of mass media. The author Jack Solomon claims that advertisers manipulate people. He also points out that “advertisements are designed to exploit the discontentments fostered by the American dream, the constant desire for social success and the material rewards that accompany it (525)”. Solomon claims that consumers are doing everything they can to attract and encourage people to buy their products. However, not everyone agrees with his view; one media executive Paul Rothko disagrees with Solomon. He argues that “Solomon is way out of line. He admits that advertisers want consumers to buy their product, but that does not mean consumers are being manipulated “. He suggests that people are smart enough to make their own decisions, regardless of the methods advertisers use to convince them”. He also suggests that people should not blame advertisers for their own actions. Living in this society for quite a long time now, I have to agree with Rothko’s criticism of Solomon. I also think that consumers are smart enough to make their own decisions, regardless of what techniques and ways advertisers use to urge them. Everyone should each be responsible for their own actions and decisions, no matter how much they will be persuaded or manipulated by others. At times, we may view advertising positively; at other times we may just skip it or ignore it. It is always our decision. We need to decide for ourselves what we like and want to buy; after all we are smart enough to make our own decisions.
The strategy of the ad is to encourage people to buy things they are advertising; for example the ad that I was looking at was about a BMW car. The purpose of the ad is to show us that the car is fast and very powerful comparing to the old car they were showing at the same time. In this ad a young man is driving in his really old car, from which the smoke comes out. The young man is driving very slowly because of the old car, and people who are staring are laughing at him. The image then changes to a dreamy scene where a rich, high-class man is driving a car at a high-speed and is going through sharp curves displaying the car’s smooth handling. People driving next to him are amazed on how fast he is driving the car. The color of the BMW is very bright and the car is very shiny, and that is because they want to distinguish the car to us their targets. The message delivered to us reflects on the intensity of the driving experience we get when driving a BMW, which overwhelms us and gives us the thrill of a lifetime. As Solomon is stating in his article Masters of...

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