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Hair is a malleable part of the Human body. Hair can grow and be cut. It can be straight, curled, waved, layered, gelled, sprayed, and now colored. Attractiveness can now be defined by a women’s hair. Koleston Naturals produces hair colorant that claims to be made with natural ingredients. One of their modern displays of advertisements is in billboards. The billboard is white and the text that’s in the corner is the companies name, Koleston, and the type of product which is called Naturals. The billboard is cut so that the hole is a simple representation of a woman. The colors that make up the woman’s portrait is created by whatever type of scenery is behind the billboard. These colors change depending on the type and time of day it is. The Koleston Naturals creatively captures American drivers and pedestrians with their billboard advertisement. Although successful in the Untied States, countries with a heavy Muslim faith background would find the Naturals billboard ad unappealing or inappropriate if displayed in their country.
To begin with, the Koleston Naturals hair ad placed in the United States would be very accepted and admired in today’s society. For instance, Koleston Naturals is a hair colorant that claims to use natural ingredients when dying hair (Naturals). In this dialogue, aids the viewer of accepting an unnatural style, only if done by natural ingredients. With that, there is an emphasis on a simplistic setting, in the case of the Koleston billboard a beach. The beach draws only the realistic features that are recognizable to the audience right away.(1) The simple features is the location of the coast line in which the cutout billboard will be placed and produce wonderful colors that will represent the woman’s hair. The billboard itself is precisely simple enough, using only two colors of black and white. Also noting that the composition gives spectacle in a particular order (1). The cut of the ads is shape intends to put audience’s eyes focusing on the woman’s hair. Directly all the work is pressured by the nature of the weather. In consideration of the setting, the billboard is also positioned near a main road or highway with the beach in the background, where masses of drivers and pedestrians who will notice the ad on any given time of day. With the United States being a huge automobile industry, advertisements on highways and main roads will get the same attention as other read advertisements. In short, Koleston Naturals hair colorant ad is inventive and awe capturing to take a second look at.
Meanwhile, in Muslim religious cultures they have strict rules and regulations about a women’s appearances that the United Sates. One of the bigger accommodations is modesty. For a women who believe in Allah, they are to be covered fully, only exposing the face and hands from the wrist down (Islam). Also, in some cases the face is to be covered (Islam). If the Koleston Naturals billboard ad were to be placed in this sort of high...

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