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The Abrahamic Religions Essay

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THE ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONSIntroduction to Three Abrahamic ReligionsAmong the major world religions, three are very closely related in their origins, theirbeliefs, their revealed books or holy scriptures, and their institutions of leadership. The three faiths are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They are also closely related in their beliefs about morals and ethics, and their views of the individual and social life. They do differ, however, in important aspects of their beliefs. Historically, relations among these faith groups reflect both conflict and cooperation. In modern times, adherents of the Abrahamic religions sometimes seem to be enemies and aliens, but at other times they seem like squabbling children of a single parent, who are in fact capable of reaching understandings and living in peace together.Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that God made a covenant, or agreement with Abraham to keep the faith in One God, and to worship Him, to keep that faith and teach the practice of worship to his children down the generations, and God would preserve, protect and multiply the children of Abraham. This covenant became the legacy, or trust, for the children of Abraham to continue. Abraham had two sons, Ishmael (son of Hagar) and Isaac (son of Sarah), whom he settled in different parts of the Arabian Peninsula, the latter near Jerusalem, and the former near Makkah (Mecca).. According to the scriptures, Abraham was promised that his offspring would become the fathers of great nations. These nations are the people who are now called Jews, Christians, and Muslims. They are called monotheists, meaning people who believe in one God, the Creator of all that is in the universe and on earth.Common to Abrahamic religionsAll three Abrahamic faiths share many ideas about the nature of God. He is the Creator of the Universe. The monotheistic tradition of God includes the idea of a covenant, or promise, of God.They are people of the Book. The book is the present Bible, New Testament or the Quran.Jerusalem is a Holy City.Prophetic tradition, especially Islam respect Jesus, Moses, Abraham and Muhammad as the prophets of God.Genesis and the Quran, as it mentions the Great Flood and the story of Noah's ark, that was also mentioned in the Old Testament .Semitic origins as Judaism and Christianity, found their origins in the Jewish populations.The faiths all have a basis in divine revelation, rather than in philosophical speculation or custom.Abrahamic religions all have an ethical orientation. They speak of a man's choice between good and evil, which is either obedience or disobedience to a single God and to Divine Law.That life follows a concept of beginning and end. It began with the creation and will end with a Resurrection of the dead and final judgment.The Abrahamic faiths have in common a belief in angels as God's messengers to human beings.JUDAISMJews believe that God appointed the Jews to be his chosen people in order to set an example of holiness and...

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