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The Absence Of Love Essay

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The Absence of Love
The term “I love” has been used to describe materialistic items such as “I love my IPhone”, “I love my car”, “I love my computer” and none of these things are items that people actually love, but more used to help get them through their daily lives invoking this sense of love. The writing of the modernism period has paralleled this transformation of love from a symbolic and romantic longing for a certain person to this word that carries no weight. During this period of modernism people became weak indeed and unable to make their own desertions thus keeping them from fully understanding love in its true form. The writers of this period in history are able to animate this ...view middle of the document...

Love was a sacred thing that was between two people who could not live one second without each other. But illustrated though the writings of the period, this changed dramatically and people started to love for reasons of social class and money. True love was destroyed and it also paralleled the new way of thinking that still exists today. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a great representation of how love has become more of a game, in that it is easier to just marry someone who is just as rich as you or in the same social class as yours. Society’s weakness to long for that true affection has left them with this false sense of comfort and love within their own peer group.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a clear indication of how love has become less of a word, and more of a saying. For example, during Gatsby’s first party a woman is embarrassed to find her husband flirting with another woman. What’s happening is this man is taking more interest in this younger woman, than in his own wife showing a weakness in that he always has to have the best. According to her reaction this is not the first time that he has blown her off, showing that he is no longer interested in his wife and is looking to move on to someone who can be more of what he wants. “One of the men was talking with curious intensity to a young actress… at intervals she appeared suddenly at his side like an angry diamond, and hissed: ‘you promised!’ into his ear” (Fitzgerald 51). Proving that his motive for marring his wife was purely out of lust and she just happened to be the perfect one for him at that time. There is no real love in this relationship thanks to the social weakness of modernistic views on how it is acceptable to cheat and flirt with other women if you feel that your woman is not up to par any more. Daisy and Tom are in this same predicament. The author uses their wedding day to show her weakness and her knowing that this is not the man that she loves but it is the man that is the safer bet, “I was a bridesmaid. I came into her room…‘Daisy’s changed’ her mind!’” (Fitzgerald 76). She knows she’s in love with Gatsby but she knows that it wouldn’t be in the proper fashion and safer resort to marry inside of her social class and to do that she ends up marrying Tom purely for social means instead of love. This is a clear example of how the writer has identified this weakness in society. By using this situation the writer exemplifies a different way of writing to portray the period of modernism and the effects it has on the people. The example is to point out how people would marry in their social group, then when they are...

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