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The Absence Of Something Important Essay

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The discussion of loss is something that can sometimes be hard to talk about face to face. Different people deal with loss in different ways. Emily Bronte and Thomas Hardy both like to write poems or short stories to express their feelings towards their loss. Remembrance by Emily Bronte is about the loss of her loved one and her feelings about whether she should sit around longer or go out and get her life going. The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy was written on the turn of a new century, don’t know the exact time it got finished but I think it was done close to 12:00 A.M. in the morning of January 1, 1900. Hardy’s last poem I’ll talk about is Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave? makes more of an emotional loss. I will compare the works of Bronte and Hardy through discussing the loss of love, loss of time, and an emotional loss.
To start out, everyone has experience the loss of a loved one like the speaker has in Remembrance, whether it was a grandparent or someone that is close to you. What the speaker in Emily Bronte is feeling is the loss of her man that was the love of her life. Losing the love of your life must be hard, I wouldn’t know because I’m still young and there are still quite of few fish in the pond left. I imagine that it could be compared to losing your favorite toy as a child, or losing two matches at state wrestling in your senior year of high school. “Cold in the earth, and fifteen wild Decembers.” (line 9 page 1075) explains that she had been morning on her loss for at least fifteen years and hasn’t even thought about love until now when she needs to move on with her life.
In following, the loss of time the speaker feels when writing The Darkling Thrush.
Knowing the history of the early 1900’s I can understand why the speaker would feel a little sceptical about continuing on to the new century. There has been a lot of stuff that went on in the early to middle of the 20th century. Thomas Hardy was alive for most of the nasty stuff that went on in the last part...

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