The Abusive Use Of Alcohol And Its Effects On Men Harvard University Research Paper

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(CE-1) I believe that since alcohol is discouraged and illegal until the age of 21, this, in turn,
promotes underage drinking. The largest percentage of that group is between the ages of 18-29,
where teenagers are transitioning to adults and are faced with freedom. The exploration of their new
liberty and the encouragement in pop culture results in that age group to consume the most amount
of alcohol. I believe the results from countries with more relaxed laws on alcohol will show a
decrease in overall use.
(CE-2) I believe that we should take a different approach in our laws against alcohol and to make
them less stringent. Understanding that teenagers are rebellious and will find a way to drink alcohol
if they desire, making alcohol legal may discourage illegal methods. This also allows someone to
ask for help when intoxicated without the fear of backlash from authorities.
(CE-3) After graduating from high school, I kept in touch with classmates via social media and I
have regrettably come to two posts that told the unfortunate events of two separate people that
passed away in driving while intoxicated. At an age where we can feel invincible to certain
tragedies, we have to be aware of the danger associated with drunk driving and the consequences it
can lead to.
(CE-4) I have been able to...

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