The Academic Idea That Deserves An “F”

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Seven hours a day. Five days a week. It’s a responsibility that is shared amongst every student in America; attending school. As attendance to school is a mandatory and strictly enacted law, it is clear that education is held to a high regard and sought after by many; but is that always the upmost importance in life? With the stress or wear and tear that the demand of school can take on a staggering eighty-five percent of sleep deprived teens (American Psychological Association), it is tough to make it through the day, let alone several consecutive weeks. However, many teens have other extra-curricular outlets; from sports, arts, music, etc. that allow them to engage in a healthy and stimulating environment that acts as a distraction or stress reliever for many. By having other clubs or activities to look forward to, they can act as motivation for students to do well in school and trudge through the difficult days to do something they enjoy. Now what if due to the economic hardships of our time, schools were to take away all funding to these stress-relieving outlets and only invest money in academic clubs? The effect would be detrimental. It is important to recognize that although school and book smarts are important, it is completely unjust to favor this over other creative outlets that allow students to express themselves in different ways. By valuing only schooling and grades, it would have an even more negative effect on students, doing more harm than good.
School places a lot of pressure on students to do well and excel in all areas, which is why it is important to broaden students’ horizons and expose them to varying academic and creative outlets. At the end of a long day, different musical, artistic, or sports related activities can provide a way to relieve that stress and enjoy doing something that doesn’t require as much analytical and processed thinking, but rather allow them to express themselves in various ways. It not only allows for a less stressful environment, but a social one as well. After school clubs are a great way for students to interact with other people that they may have never talked to otherwise. It provides common ground and interest amongst the students and allows them to engage in something they enjoy with the company of others. With school taking up so much time, it can sometimes be hard to find time to do activities just for fun, which is why non-academic clubs serve as great alternatives to do something productive while finding time with others. By taking away these outlets and only funding academic clubs, it would lead to less diverse interaction amongst students, and even have an adverse effect by lowering grades. When a student finishes with school, it is less likely for them to look forward to an activity that involves more school related work. By not having that break, or expressive outlet, students may experience a drop in grades, making the investment in only academic programs even less effective.

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