The Educational Researcher: Review And Response

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2.1 Forum Analysis
A. Research and Identify: Background / History of Forum
Although the Educational Researcher does not have a stated political position and is not interested in politics on the surface, some political ideas and opinions are very evident within its pages. In my opinion, the Educational Researcher tends to lean more towards the liberal/progressive side, because the articles they publish tend to have some very progressive ideas, theories and research. The journal also tends to side with educators and professors who for the most part usually lean a little to the left.
The Educational Researcher is published nine times during the year. The fact that the journal only has nine issues makes the subject matter more valuable. The subjects published in this journal are of great significance since the journal only comes out nine times a year versus a weekly publication. The Educational Researcher is a scholarly journal whose purpose is to provide the members of the American Educational Research Association with scholarly articles about ideas and issues of great importance. The journal discusses, examines and reports educational research and developments. The Educational Researcher could be classified as educational, informative and thought provoking.

B. Research and Identify: Discourse Conventions
The usual voice or speakers/writers of this forum are people who specialize in education field in some way. These people tend to have high credentials and have a large amount of formal schooling, such as a Master’s degree to say the least. Most of the writers for this journal are decorated educators or well known education professors with doctorates. The speakers are usually very knowledgeable about the subject reported and have a good knowledge of the education process.
The readers of this journal are educators, usually those of a higher education level such as a collegiate level. The audience is presumed to be interested in ways to make education better in a newer context and is expected to be well educated. The topics commonly featured in this journal pertain to education, its practices and application with a focus on the bettering of education. The articles can relate to any educational field or educational practice which gives the journal quite a multifaceted audience within the large educational scope.

C. Research and Identify: Conventions of “Typical” Articles
The writer’s approach seemed very balanced when sourcing her information. Ladson-Billings used a multitude of readings, as well as historical documents, court cases, statistical information, educational reports and television shows. The author has a very formal, properly cited reference section at the end of her article. She does mention some of her sources throughout the paper and others she does not mention at all but includes in her page of references.
Ladson-Billings writes formally using no narrative at all; although she does use informal...

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