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The Educational System In Encouraging Sport

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UNIVERSIDADE TECNOLÓGICA FEDERAL DO PARANÁCurso Superior de Licenciatura em Letras Português/InglêsAcadêmica: Juliana Muniz de CastroProf.: Andressa Brawerman AlbiniTHE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN ENCOURAGING SPORTMany countries introduce sports practice in schools during childhood. This can be a strategy to encourage students, to make young people think and take care of their health, to set them off the streets and to assist in character development. Sport can be employed to encourage transformation lives with certain attitudes of public politics as: 1. start sport in basic education; 2. encouragement of research and university sports leagues or support and appreciation of physical education professionals; 3. infrastructure and management by private clubs in the hiring of young athletes so that they can continue with their studies. Sport serves as a way of ascension in the USA. With this we can take it as an example and reflect upon why it is so different in Brazil.An important manner to promote talents is starting sport in Primary education. Sport is amateur and not mandatory in Brazilian middle and high schools. The quality of teaching and practice can be considered low if compared to the United States, which has a unique system of youth sport aimed at developing top athletes who will be on professional teams in the future. Brazilian schools are unprepared sports, and then, people make the choice of completing higher education rather than following the sports career. The government of Brazil should provide support for sport to be an aid in training students. Sport in the USA is an important part of culture and there are government tax breaks for university sports leagues and for research and appreciation of physical education professionals. The level of scholastic competitions in Brazil is low and the focus is on some sports considered richer or based on teams, because of patronage. There is no specific government research institute for sport, but there are nine support centers for athletes (CENESP) and two national medicine sports centers (Centros Nacionais de Medicina do Esporte). On the other hand, in the United States there is support of scientific research and multidisciplinary academic instructions conducted through which are the foundation of the American system of high performance. University sports in the country are organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) created in 1906 with approximately 1,200 listed universities. The NCAA organizes national championships in a variety of modalities such as individual sports and teams. The technique and ability leave nothing to be desired because of investment in athletes-students.Others manners to...


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The Educational System In Encouraging Sport

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