"The Accident" A Good Short Story Essay With A Great Twist (Its Gotta Have A Twist).

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The AccidentThe darkness of night had drawn down its shady covers on the last of the fading light. It was about 8:30 in the evening and getting damn cold already. Last thing I remember I was in the office working overtime for the third night in a row and now this... The loneliness of night swept over me and I tried to remember how I got myself into this but I couldn't. My head felt like it was ready to burst and I didn't have anything to calm the ferocious pounding on the inside of my skull. Everything around me felt so weird like a strange dream, yeah that's it, a dream. Must be, I bet I'll wake up any second now in my suburban flat with that damn leak in the corner of my room and my flat mate's dog jumping on me, anyway I haven't woken up yet so I'll just go along with this until it blows over.I looked up in the sky to see a glimmering ocean of darkness shining into a never-ending glow, At least the stars make it seem more peaceful out here I guess. I stare forward at the long road ahead of me and feel a sense that I've seen this same place before. I've never taken this road in my life, I haven't been to too many places here since I moved up a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd sus out the area.My thoughts are interrupted as I see something in the far distance, a car completely trashed still smoldering and smoking into the. I ran up towards it to see if anyone was hurt, the car had swerved right into a tree and was completely smashed on the left front of the bonnet. The whole car was black and had a distinct oily smell to it. I looked inside to make sure there was nobody still in there but it was completely empty. The site was a mess and there were bits and pieces scattered around the place. I was relieved to find nobody injured, or worse. Then I noticed a red line of blood eerily seeping underneath the shattered remains on the grass."Oh shit", I muttered under my breath. There was a steep slope covered in long grass and near where the car had crashed. It was dark and I couldn't see properly through the shrubs but it looked like there was somebody down there. I...

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The Essay is A creative pieace for anything needed such as a short story feel free to change the names to pepoel you know and have fun

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1040 words - 4 pages . She's toyed with, played for the naïve fool she is, who is far too young for the world she wants to be a part of. Only at the very end of the story does she begin to realize what she has gotten herself into. She shows her true colors once she is confronted. SheIn "Good Country People", Joy is a relatively normal girl with some not-too-normal problems. For one thing, her leg got blown off when she was younger in a bizarre hunting accident

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1025 words - 4 pages to go for a walk in the woods and that they are of no concern to him any more, and in some evil way they have no more worries of coming to harm from The Misfit.The savagery shown by The Misfit in O'Connor's short story "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" speaks of the violent gothic nature of this tale. The Misfit's pronouncements of murderous intentions and his civility as he plays with his projected victims prior to killing them show his grotesque tendencies. O'Connor seems to have known a lot about violence in the grotesque form, and her storytelling was ahead of her time allowing her to put a story like this together to equal any of today's multifaceted and repugnant tales.

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