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The Accident That Changed My Way Of Thinking

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People always tell me to expect the unexpected but that is not something I want to think about when my plans are for a joyous day.I was so eager to have an exciting day with my family, because it was one of the last weekends I would get to do so. There are things in which I treasure throughout life, because I never know when it could be taken away. I was not thinking of any negative things that could possibly happen. That day I should have prepared for the worst. When I was involved in a car accident, I learned that it is best to always follow safety rules.

It is amazing how I have my days fully planned out. I know what I want to do; therefore, I set out to do it. When I woke up that humid, June morning my mind was set on a wonderful day, filled with excitement and laughter. Any time spent with family should be treasured in that way. We all sat at the table and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast prepared by my grandmother. At the table we were all talking about places that we wanted to go throughout the day. When we were all dressed and ready to go, my grandmother said her prayer, then we were on our merry way. Because my grandfather has much experience with driving, I felt there was no need to wear a seat belt. Although he is a precautious driver, I could not have been more wrong on that particular day.

Just as we were about to get onto the interstate a car came full speed behind us. The driver had fallen asleep behind the steering wheel, from what he claimed to be a long night at work. He had smased into the rear end of our car. I was sitting in the back seat; therefore, I felt a lot of the impact. My grandmother was sitting in the passenger's seat, so when the back seat was hit, it pushed me all the way to the front, as a result, all the...

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