The Accomplishments Of The Muslims In Science And Mathematics During The Islamic Golden Age

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Towards the end of the Prophet Muhammad’s life, Islam had started to prosper and grow throughout the entire known world at the time. Even after Muhammad’s death, Islam only prospered more and more and, in fact, the 8th to 16th centuries where known as the “Islamic Golden Age” as the Muslims grew and accomplished the most during this period. The Umayyad Empire, located in Damascus, and the Abbasid Empire, located in Baghdad, were the two main institutions that funded the new scientific innovations the Muslims were making at the time. The Abbasid Empire created a House of Wisdom which was a library that stored the ideologies of the greats of the past like the Babylonians and the Greeks. This library was one of the greatest resources the Muslims had to further develop their own ideologies in science. Given the vast scope of the Umayyad and Abbasid Empire’s during the 7th and 8th centuries, the Muslims had more than enough resources required to convert their scientific ideas into actual phenomenon. The Muslims contributed greatly in the fields of medicine, mathematics, astronomy and astrology, to name a few. The vast scope of their Empires, the ability to translate different texts into Arabic, and the religious emphasis on education were all the greatest factors in allowing the Muslims to contribute at such a high level. This topic is highly significant as the scientific knowledge that the Muslims proposed during this time is what a lot of modern science today is based on. In order to get a more in depth perception of what we learn in science today, it is important to understand the history of this science. Thus, this essay on the history of Islamic Science will be able to depict what allowed or led the Muslims to developing so much of one of the most vital subjects of life, science.

Translation of texts:
Translation of works of different languages into Arabic played one of the key roles in allowing the Muslims to further develop their innovative ideas in science. Ahmad Dallal, the author of Islam, Science, and the Challenge of History claims Arabic to become a “universal” language during the early Islamic Golden Age, the 8th to 9th centuries (Dallal 16). Translation of many texts into Arabic was possible due to the vast Muslim empire. The Abbasid Empire stretched from North Africa all the way to Afghanistan. This allowed several different ethnicities to unite under one government which made it very easy to translate several different languages and texts into the main language of the Abbasid Dynasty – Arabic. The movements taking place by the Muslims to increase the development of science were greatly possible due to the fact that the Abbasid government supported these new innovations. The Abbasid government knew how vast their empire was and they knew that they could easily get several different ideologies around the world, in different languages, to be translated and stored in Arabic. The rulers of the Abbasid Empire along with...

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