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The Acting Blues Essay

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Many people may know Hugh Laurie from the popular American TV show "House M.D.." In the show "House M.D.", Laurie plays a sarcastic doctor that treats patients who have difficult health problems which have not been able to be treated by other doctors. The TV show "House M.D." was at one time the most popular TV show in the world (Green 2). Despite Laurie’s enormous fame in the area of his acting career, there is another area in which Laurie has made a great contribution to that is not as widely known. Hugh Laurie has made immense contributions to the Blues genre with his the release of his two blues albums, therefore, the House of Blues should credit Hugh Laurie's contribution by erecting a ...view middle of the document...

D." (Karlovits 3).
Hugh Laurie would eventually find a producer and assemble a band which would be called the Copper Bottom Band (Karlovits 2). He released his first album "Let Them Talk" in 2011, and started with a slow sell because the public does not favor actors that decide to begin musical careers. When the public began to listen to his melodies with an open mind, his debut album became a great success worldwide (Green 3). With the success of his first album, Hugh Laurie and his Copper Bottom Band began work on their second album, which was released in 2013. This album was given great reviews by fans and critics alike, and a prominent figure in the blues culture, Glen Casebeer, said about Hugh Laurie, "he'd fit in just as well in the 40s or 50s as he does in the 21st century" (Green 4).
Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band changed the Blues genre by reviving it for a new generation. Hugh Laurie prepared the world for upcoming artists who will follow in his footsteps that do not fit the stereotype of regular blues singers. Hugh Laurie also prepared the way for actors that would like to begin musical careers. Hugh Laurie discovered that to be successful in blues, he had to show complete "sincerity" (Green 4). Hugh Laurie believes that Blues "is about storytelling" (Green 5). This passion that he poured into his music is what would bring him the success that he now has in the Blues genre.
To honor Hugh Laurie, a monument should be built and named after him. The monument would be located in New Orleans, Louisiana. This location would be chosen because it is a very popular site for blues artists and historians, and also because the south is considered by most to be the birthplace of the blues genre (Claiborn 1). This would even more bring him further into the blues culture, and establish Laurie as a major part of blues history.
This monument would be made purely of a dark gray color stone to make a reference to...

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