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The Action Film That’s Almost As Good As The Classics

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The Hurt Locker is an excellent movie. To start with, it gives us a very rare view of a soldier’s life in Iraq. The movie depicts a United States explosive ordnance disposal team in Iraq. The movie takes place during the last 38 days of their tour. The movie shows how war is cruel but also exciting. For the most part, the movie is realistic minus a few discrepancies for theatrical suspense. These discrepancies are what make the movie a -B instead of an A in my opinion. The discrepancies start with the scene in which the operators are killed and the team must use a Barrett .50 caliber rifle. First when you are engaged you call in your position and ask for support especially if you’re only a three-man team. If not at the beginning of the firefight then you definitely would when three special operators are killed. The second most unbelievable part of the movie is SFC William James leaving the post on a personal mission for the little boy he has taken a liking to. A sergeant first class leaving the base alone at night just wouldn’t happen. The most unbelievable part of the movie comes when you take a broader look at the military bearing of the individual characters. The two aspects of this that really stand out are: when SSG TJ Sanborn punches SFC William James and the apparent dissention within the ranks of the team.
The first part I have trouble believing would be the scene where the team is traveling through the desert and they come upon a crew of operators stopped because of a flat tire. The scene develops in to a firefight where four of the six operators are killed, and the other two sit down in the dirt and cry. The EOD team is then forced to engage themselves and finish the firefight. When this chain of events started they would have called in support and their location (United States Doctrine Command). I must backtrack a bit and say that they probably wouldn’t have been out alone to begin with. However, when the situation started it didn’t play out like one would normally think of a firefight. The second part of this that really seems unbelievable would be the performance of the Barrett .50 caliber rifle. A Barrett is designed to penetrate cinder materials up to 5000 meters (Barrett Firearm Manufacturing Inc.). for its intended use the Barrett .50 caliber is an anti-material weapon, meaning that it should be used on things not people. The movie displays what should be the bread and butter of the Barrett .50 caliber. Needless to say a Barrett would crush that house like it wasn’t even there. However, in the movie when SSG Sanborn is firing on the house it doesn’t even penetrate. Though, when the enemy is firing at the team they have a much smaller caliber weapon and kill three team members with three rather quick shots. This leads me to think this part of the story is truly fiction and not based on true events like the rest of the movie (Woodall).
The second most...

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