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The Events That Took Place On April 24, 1997

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Many extraordinary events happened on the exact date of my birthday, April 24th, but also during that week, month and year. These events range from the great scientific advance of being able to clone a full animal to the tragic death of a princess. While some of these happenings are insignificant, others have a much more profound meaning. Throughout this paper I will give examples of some incredible occurrences that occurred around the time I was born.
My Mother did not remember much of the events taking place in the world during the time of by birth. However, she does remember some events:
I remember Mother Teresa died, so did Princess Diana in August. There were also some new developments about Lyme disease and how it was more common than originally thought. Also, at that time Bill Clinton was the president of the United States. (Cristina Schulingkamp, Interview)
Delving deeper we find that Mother Teresa was extremely humble and caring. Dying on September 5th, 1997 she helped many poor people who lived in the slums of Calcutta, India by loving, feeding and providing for them. In fact, Mother Teresa was declared “Blessed” by the Catholic Church, and will one day soon be a saint (American Catholic). Another event my Mother recalls was when Princess Diana died in a car crash on August, 31st. She pushed for reforms and changes in areas not many government officials would consider prominent, but were in-fact important to the people. I have read many things about how she was the people's princess and what an overall benevolent person she was. If someone were to make a list of the great and outstanding people of our time, I have no doubt Princess Diana and Mother Teresa would be among that list.
Lyme disease, a disease that infects numerous people every year, was discovered to be more infectious and common than first believed. A news report, which my Mother does not remember much of, said that a study showed Lyme disease was found to be more prominent in people than originally thought. While this wasn’t a really big topic or event, it does show that we have made significant advances in the field of medicine and recognizing diseases in their early stages.
Now we move to a somewhat more neutral topic, political occurrences . On April 24th, 1968 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the USSR, tested one of its nuclear weapons. This was not the first test of USSR made bombs utilizing nuclear reactions, but it was one of the last. It occurred in Eastern Kazakh, towards the north of the Soviet Union (Thurber, Clifford et al.). A United States grain embargo would be set up later in time after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. It was started in hopes that other countries would follow suit and starve the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, but it failed. It was later lifted and drastically reduced tensions between the two superpowers.
Now we move from the USSR and the US to China, the most populated and industrialized superpower in our...

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