The Actual Document Of The Magna Carta That Forcibly Signed By King John Put Into My Own Words As Best As Possible

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John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandyand Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls,barons, justiciars, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all hisbailiffs and liege subjects, greeting. Know that, having regard to God and forthe salvation of our soul, and those of all our ancestors and heirs, and untothe honor of God and the advancement of holy church, and for the reform of ourrealm, by advice of our venerable fathers, Stephen archbishopof Canterbury,primate of all England and cardinal of the holy Roman Church, Henry archbishopof Dublin, William of London, Peter of Winchester, Jocelyn of Bath andGlastonbury, Hugh of Lincoln, Walter of Worcester, William of Coventry,Benedict of Rochester, bishops; of master Pandulf, subdeacon and member of thehousehold of our lord the Pope, of brother Aymeric (master of the Knights ofthe Temple in England), and of the illustrious men William Marshall earl ofPembroke, William earl of Salisbury, William earl of Warenne, William earl ofArundel, Alan of Galloway (constable of Scotland), Waren Fitz Gerald, PeterFits Herbert, Hubert de Burgh (seneschal of Poitou), Hugh de Neville, MatthewFitz Herbert, Thomas Basset, Alan Basset, Philip d'Aubigny, Robert ofRoppesley, John Marshall, John Fitz Hugh, and others, our liegemen.1. In the first place we have granted to God, and by this our present charterconfirmed for us and our heirs for ever that the English church shall be free,and shall have her rights entire, and her liberties inviolate; and we will thatit be thus observed; which is apparent from this that the freedom of elections,which is reckoned most important and very essential to the English church, we,of our pure and unconstrained will, did grant, and did by our charter confirmand did obtain the ratification of the same from our lord, Pope Innocent III.,before the quarrel arose between us and our barons: and this we will observe,and our will is that it be observed in good faith by our heirs for ever. Wehave also granted to all freemen of our kingdom, for us and our heirs for ever,all the underwritten liberties, to be had and held by them and their heirs, ofus and our heirs for ever.2. If any of our earls or barons, or others holding of us in chief by militaryservice shall have died, and at the time of his death his heir shall be of fullage and owe "relief" he shall have his inheritance on payment of the ancientrelief, namely the heir or heirs of an earl, 100 pounds for a whole earl'sbarony; the heir or heirs of a baron, 100 pounds for a whole barony; the heiror heirs of a knight, 100 shillings at most for a whole knight's fee; andwhoever owes less let him give less, according to the ancient custom offiefs.3. If, however, the heir of any of the aforesaid has been under age and inwardship, let him have his inheritance without relief and without fine when hecomes of age.4. The guardian of the land of an heir who is thus under age, shall...

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