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"The Real Interest In Medea Is That Euripides Can Make Medea So Appalling Without Losing Our Sympathy For Her." How Far Would You Agree With This Comment?

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Euripides' Medea confronts the moral theme of vengeance and justice. Its central character Medea is a passionate woman whom strides on fury and irrationality. In this play, the battle between passion and cold logic takes place through Medea and Jason, each attempting to convey their own arguments to the audience (the Corinthenian women). Euripides, however, succeeds in attaining our sympathy towards Medea despite witnessing the appalling crimes that she commits in taking revenge upon Jason.Medea is the princess of Colchis and in her veins flow the streams of royal Colchesian blood. Falling in love with Jason would have been the happiest moment of her life, deciding her own fate in helping him battle the King of Colchis, her father. The background legend of Jason and the Golden fleece forms the basis of Euripides' play Medea. It serves an important role as the audience is told of Medea's irrational nature as she murders her own brother, and the extent to which she is willing to aid her love. Subsequent to all the sacrifices that Medea has made to assist Jason in his journey for the Golden Fleece, she is dealt the ultimate injustice. Her husband abandoning her, as "old love is oustered by new love" and leaving her to suffer an eternal grief. Already there arises the potential for us to sympathise with Medea, taking into consideration her courageous deeds and the prejudice she receives in return.Euripides positions Medea as the central character of the play representing the battle between the cold logic of civilization with the intense passion of the barbaric warrior. As a foreigner, Medea is considered to be "barbaric" in the "civilised" city of Corinth. She battles the royal family of Corinth totally alone with no one to aid her. This alone is deserving of our support for her deeds. Her banishment from Corinth adds further to our sympathy for her. To be exiled from the land is yet another fatal blow against Medea since she has nowhere to turn to. The homeland she betrayed in Colchis and in Iochis where she murdered the King, will certainly not be Medea's idea of refuge. With the...

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1029 words - 4 pages the audience. Earlier in the play the chorus, who reflect the dominant values and ideology of the time, agreed with her views on women being disempowered and how she was wronged by Jason:"?what you do is far from just: deserting her" (p.19,Medea). However, at this point in the play the chorus no longer sympathizes with Medea and her actions and actually plead with her: "On our knees we beg you- think again. Your children must not die."(p.29, Medea

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1032 words - 4 pages her hurt feelings is present through the whole play, and is found in every dialogue she engages in. During her conversation with Kreon, Medea goes so far as to blame her actions not on her feelings, but on Jason. This blame is apparent when she say "o god, do not forget who is the cause of this." (Line 329) Through this quote it is concluded that Medea's hurt feelings are the product of Jason's actions, and because of these hurt feelings Medea

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1254 words - 5 pages trickery to accomplish their goals. This is true about Medea, but she is anything but subtle in her actions. She makes no real attempts to cover her trail, but instead seems to almost need it to be known that she did what she did. "Ah come, Medea, in your plotting and scheming leave nothing untried of all those things which you know. Go forward to the dreadful act. The test has come for resolution. You see how you are treated. Never shall you be mocked

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525 words - 2 pages Medea was known for her wisdom and despite it, she was exiled. Euripides feared that war would expel wisdom from his country (Arrowsmith 364). The ideas of Euripides' culture affected the ideas of his theater. He was not so interested in the morals of his characters, but of the status of his society that might cause these chaotic behaviors. Medea is an attempt to relate the strains of Euripides' society to the actual lives of his characters

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652 words - 3 pages loved dearly. This essay will show how gifts are more persuasive than words to Medea and how Medea is persuasive. To Medea gifts are more persuasive than words. Through her whole life, she has been giving gifts to express her feelings rather than words. For example, is when she falls in love with Jason. During Jason's hunt for the golden fleece for Pelias; to show her love for Jason is real, she helps Jason secure the Golden Fleece then she abandons

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786 words - 3 pages place, can hear on of these stories and relate to it in some way. This universality may come from using your imagination to go to far off places, keeping a dark secret from the one you love, or falling in love at first sight and willing to give up everything for that love. Another story that is relevant to today is Medea.Even though Euripides wrote Medea thousands of years ago by, any person, male or female, young or old, can take the characters and

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1560 words - 6 pages result, the consequences of her mistakes will not be as severe as those Euripides's Medea faces.Both Medeas lose control of some part of their lives as a consequence for their deeds. In the case of the Euripides play, Medea's powerlessness results from going mad and losing touch with reality. The first words she speaks, "Ah, lost in my sufferings" (96) indicate that some other force within has taken over and blurred her vision. The Chorus notices this

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1339 words - 5 pages think your boys have in their father’s wrong doing? Why hate them? Alas, children; how I grieve for you in my fear that some suffering may await you”, the reader can infer this by the nurse’s statement (page 4, line 116 ) No women ever thought to harm their child when their husband vacates the relationship. It was Medea’s desire to ruin Jason’s life that will overwhelm her. Medea did not settle for this injust act like other women did. Euripides

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726 words - 3 pages transgressions. "One way in which the system enlists the cooperation of women is to provide them with sanctioned and controlled forms of transgression that create the illusion of agency and autonomy" (Warner p. 159). Warner believes that society allows and even desires some sins so that the society as a whole can benefit. Medea is an example of this. Kreon is afraid of the wrath of Medea, "I tell you I prefer to earn your hatred now than to be soft-hearted

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928 words - 4 pages bridegroom, making your match with kings, You do not see that you bring Destruction on your children...';(Medea 964-966)      Euripides role of female characters to sympathize with Medeas heartache in the beginning, and magnify the unscrupulous murder of her children in the end is brilliant. The reason for the female support is evident. If the Nurse or Chorus had been a male servant or a mixed crowd in society the plot of the play would have been lost. Medea is a woman suffering from a broken heart, and it seems only fair that she be given sympathy and judgment from peers who can relate. Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned!

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1271 words - 6 pages his family by saying: he is doing this for the best interest of them. Although the reader can conclude that he is doing this for his own best interest. Jason seems to have no realization of how truly mad Medea has become for him leaving her. Media’s love and devotion towards Jason controls her life. Jason’s decision to leave her optimally turns Media into a sociopath. With this state of mind, Medea optimally make numerous irrational decisions