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The Real Minister In Arthur Miller´S The Crucible

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A villainous mind is a closed box, unless opened nobody knows what’s inside however once opened easily visible. Similarly, a villainous character has the talent to be manipulative, prejudiced for others decisions and selfishly wanting to gain power without thinking about the affect it may have on other individuals. In Auther Miller’s The Crucible some depraved characters like Reverend Parris disrupt the peace in the society by manipulating other individuals and selfishly being greedy for power and reputation without keeping in mind the affect it may have on the society.
Reverend Parris’s cunning behaviour of influencing other individuals helped him save his reputation in the society. Parris manipulates Marry Warren by confusing her in her own words and by making Danforth believe that Mary Warren is a liar in order to save his reputation in the society. When John Proctor brought Marry Warren during the witchcraft trails to prove that she was pretending to faint and did not see any spirits, Parris argues and asks Marry Warren to faint in court and pretense again, he says “Aye, faint. Prove to us how you pretended in the court so many times” (Miller 106). This shows the eagerness inside Parris has to save his reputation. He is willing by all means to prove in the court that Marry Warren is lying. When Mary Warren denies that she cannot do it, Parris says, “Your Excellency this is a trick to blind the court!” (Miller 106). Clearly, Parris here gets agitated and scared that if Danforth believes Marry Warren then his reputation will be in trouble so therefore he makes such a statement so that he can now directly play with Marry Warren’s statement and make her confess the way he wants. Furthermore, Parris is successful in doing so because Marry Warren later says,”It’s not a trick! I-I used to faint because I-I thought I saw spirits” (Miller 88). Obliviously, here Marry Warren now herself seems confused because she now has changed her statement, therefore people will now not believe her thinking that she does not know what she is talking about. Also the fact that she is an 83 year old woman, which makes it easier for Parris to manipulate because old people have the tendency of forgetting things. Moreover, Parris now manipulates Danforth into making him believe that Proctor is a bad individual and not a trustworthy one by using his power of status. During the witchcraft trails when John Proctor was being questioned if he was a Gospel Christian, Parris says, “Such a Christian that will come to church but once a month!” (Miller 90). Here, Parris sees an opportunity and takes out his pressure by making a statement that shocks Danforth because...

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