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The concern about identity is a major existential question. People recognize different objects by their sense, and thus consider their appearance, sound, or smell as their identities. In many cases, even though the physical traits of an object have changed, people still know the object. Therefore, these physical definitions of objects are not their identities. The connections of these characteristics, and furthermore of them and their inner self, define the uniqueness of an individual. Since the massive universe constantly moves toward entropy, the only consistency is “change”: caterpillars transform to butterflies, the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan, and I have become ...view middle of the document...

These habits have become my identity through how I was raised, and I will not lose them. They are always hidden in my heart, in the center, and have composed the most beautiful part of my memory. This centerpiece of the identity is the furthest from the exterior world’s demand, but also follows the “firmest order”-- the stability.
Therefore, the identity is steady at its core, even though it seems weak. Likewise, although the spider silk looks fragile, it is five times stronger than iron with the same diameter due to its flexibility, and remains its strength even under extreme conditions (Davies). The strength contradicts with the fineness: the insignificant creatures have strong wills. However, no matter how rigid and fixed the true self is, it must have attachment points to connect with the immense and diverse external world:
through all accidents of circumstance,
though possibility is
high along the peripheries of
you can go all
around the fringing attachments

and find
disorder ripe,
entropy rich, high levels of random,
numerous occasions of accidents (4-11).

The bonding between the interior self and the exterior environment is not firmly ordered, because there is no order to follow in the chaotic universe. As the attachment points are different in various places, the shape of the spider webs spun by the same spider will be slightly different from each other. Therefore, identity is not an unvarying property. Instead, the adaptive nature is part of the human identity. Otherwise, the “perfectly pre-set” web will not find “a perfect place to set… in” (51, 54). In this way, the rigid individuals are of disadvantage and will be selected against in the process of natural selection. It is normal to adjust within the environment, and it is probably an appropriate way to “fit in.”
So in...

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