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The Addiction Of Video Games Essay

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Video Games Addiction
Video games are electronic visual games that involve interaction through screen and devices. Video game players are required to press buttons via a controller to interact with a video game. In video games, players are requested to do certain activities in order to win by defeating the opponent or through enhancing their abilities in the game which called “leveling up”. Video games have evolved technologically and graphically. As the video game industry thrives, the harmful effects increase. They are becoming more interactively realistic. Video games are playing a major role in the entertainment world today. Sarah Glazer states, “More than three-quarters of American youths have video-game consoles at home, and on a typical day at least 40 percent play a video game” (Glazer). This shows the influence of video games. I believe that video games which can cause anti-social behaviors and have a harmful effect on youths; therefore, the federal government should place a higher tax on violent and non- educational video games. Higher taxes could be used to give tax breaks to some of healthier and more social activities such as fitness groups, talent groups, and science groups that could be applied in schools. Joyce Corsica and Megan Hood remark, “Schools are in a unique position to support the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Interventions in the school environment can result in beneficial changes in both diet and physical activity”. (Corsica and Hood, 996). Schools can be remarkably effective place to teach children to embrace healthy life-style. Future will be better than now with healthy citations.
Video game addiction is bad for society because addicted people have anti-social behaviors, weak relationships and pay less attention during their classes. For example, In the Netherlands, a study has confirmed the existence of video game addiction and the psychological effect on a group of addicted teens. “This group is likely to have various psychological and social problems, as game overuse can be severely disruptive to school, work and ‘real-life’ social contacts”(Van Rooij, et al, 205). This study confirms that addicted teens struggle socially and mentally due to playing video games for long hours. Video games create an imaginary environment for players. “Gamers” can live a different life with a new identity in a delusive and non-existing virtual world. This environment isolates video game players from their real problems and real lives. “There may be a group of addicted heavy gamers who suffer as a result of their unbalanced life-style, and another group of heavy gamers who benefit from having multiple social environments” (Van Rooij, et al, 206). For some addicted players, having another world and identity to live, is an attempt to recover and escape from reality. Video games allow their gamers to do things that cannot be done in daily life such as driving the newest cars, flying in rocket, killing people,...

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