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The Administration Of Potions: Essay

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The idea to administer a potion seems all too simple; however, there is nothing simplistic about it. Potions are risky and can have disastrous consequences if not thoroughly attended to or ingredients are not properly researched. One must be thoroughly skilled and of a calm and steady disposition. Especially, if the potion is being used to help a magical creature who is sick or injured.
One of the most difficult aspects to treating a magical creature compared to a human is that we are unable to know if a potion will react or not affect the creature due to their magical abilities. While we may know some magical aspects of a creature, we do not know the full extent of their magical ...view middle of the document...

The Ministry of Magic however, has deemed the Thestral as a dangerous creature, but they are not known to attack. Those that can see them say they are very peaceful creatures.
Given their size the dosage should be calculated very carefully, for normal horses’ administration for a pain medicine known as Bute is measured by pill “Four grams per 450kg (1000 pounds) of horse per day, and two to three grams per 450kg by injection” (Horse Talk). While all medicines and potions are different consistencies, I feel that the dosage method should follow similarly to normal horses with pill form or if injection is the only option. However, the use of a paste or injecting a piece of meat could be a better route.
With lacing the paste with the potion, the dosage can be squeezed into the mouth and ingested by the Thestral. The same can be done by injecting into meat or if the potion can be administered in pill form, it could also be hidden inside the meat, as sometimes we do with normal dogs.
While these methods could possibly work, the main dilemma is seeing if the Thestral is in need of medical attention and help. We would need to rely on good wizarding samaritans who can see these rather odd and widely...

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