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The Advanages Of Living In A Hostel

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1. Chapter 1 – Introduction


Researcher choose a topic stay in better hostel from live out influence KPTMKL education student because researcher feel this subject is very significant as more brilliant hostel student compared student that live out hostel. Hostel substantially help influence education student compared stay outside is because in hostel have many regulations that need to be followed by students further get discipline the a student from each aspect. Furthermore, Hostel is a place where economical, healthy and safe accommodation is provided for the students of a college. Many students live in hostels. There are students who move in from a different town for their education. Generally, hostels are meant for such student lately even students from same town are opting for a hostel boot. There they live a kind of life which is different from their life at home. Hostel life teaches you a of other things like teamwork lot, helping your roommates, sense of unity and adjustment. Most KPTM Kuala Lumpur’s students rather live out hostel compared stay in hostel and this case somewhat influence on their education quality.


Researcher also found many of the problems that will arise if students not occupy hostel prepared by college. Among them, students will easy to fall into with unhealthy symptom if those not clever to adapt with surrounding compared to those living in hostel that is tied with rule fixed by college handled by warden. Then, Accommodation also played highly important role to become a student that is excellent. Stay in hostel is one road the best to become student that is excellent because stay in hostel will be more controlled and limited with regulations fixed by college compared stay outside that invite to undesirable things. Outstanding problems for the study is how the way to prove that stay in hostel is better than stay out hostel.

Researcher aim this study on KPTM Kuala Lumpur’s students especially those stay in college hostel compared to student that live out. with the existence of this study, might be getting awaken each student that live out hostel that many benefits that they will achieve if those stay in hostel, among those most important they will be always monitored by warden in every time and this case will get discipline them. In this study, researcher also will focus study to several important aspects to produce excellent students if the students stay in hostel prepared by college. This study also will be able to change negative perception some parties that do not agree that stay in hostel can help a student achieve excellence. Then that can unravel why student that do not live in hostel not want to stay in hostel prepared by college.


The major purpose of the study is to know the “Staying In Hostel Is More Better Than Staying Outsides Toward KPTM Kuala Lumpur’s students...

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