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The Advancement Of New Technology Essay

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There are many areas in the realm of technology that maybe identified as an external influence of health care organizations. The item of interest to me focuses on the development of computer-assisted voice recognition software commonly known as “Dragon”. Voice recognition programs were formulated to improve the efficiency of communication and the accuracy of dictations beyond the use of misinterpreted handwritten orders constructed by physicians (Cheshire, 2013). The advancement of such a discovery was initially thought to be the solution to the medical errors dilemma in health care. Poor handwriting is recognized as a preventable faux pas that has led to 98,000 deaths in U.S. hospitals (Cheshire, 2013). One of the most common types was found to be associated with orders prescribed for medications (Cheshire, 2013). This new computer generated method of communication was devised to listen to verbiage given by physicians or other assigned parties and render a digital text of the data. As a result of its use, this software has produced a notable impact on the medical management arena at large.
The outcome of the installation of Dragon has created three significant spheres of concern for quality, safety, and cost in the health care system. Clinical research on the use of voice recognition applications left many wondering if the origination was beneficial to the process of reducing mistakes or enhanced the problem. Results have revealed that 6% of preventable adverse drugs encounters were caused by improper transcription (Cheshire, 2013). Mistakes of this type have been contributed to the computers inability to comprehend the content of the message. Several studies done with voice recognition disclosed that words were interpreted incorrectly, which may alter the meaning of the text or orders. Errors of this magnitude may lend to accusations of carelessness or cast doubt on the physician’s practices (Cheshire, 2013). As a result, many doctors are experiencing feelings of fatigue and frustration. The medical practitioners express concerns of lengthy dictation time frames with the use of computers and the excessive mistakes. The issues are difficult to correct and require additional time and effort. New technology also necessitates the addition of a larger budget. Workstations are needed throughout the department or clinic to enable physicians to dictate or submit orders in a timely manner (Kuperman & Gibson, 2003). Interfaces are developed to assist with communication between other...

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