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The Benefit Of The Interent To Business

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The Benefit of the Interent to Business

The Internet is an electronic meeting place for ideas, information and
people. It was created to spread academic information between
universities. Since the creation of the World Wide Web, access to this
information has been easier for ordinary computer users. The further
development of the web browser has made it more possible for ordinary
users to find what they wanted to know.

Whilst the Internet was originally designed to be an area of vast
resource material, it wasn't too long before its potential was
realised and that Internet trading was a real business prospect. In
the beginning, Businesses simply used the Internet to place
advertisements, as a way to promote the business; a new marketing
avenue was the realisation of most companies. However it wasn't too
long before businesses saw the real potential of the Internet, it
firstly began when a method was found to take credit card payments
without creating a security risk by sending a card number on the
internet. The pace of growth of shopping on the Internet is
breathtaking. In 1997, Dell computers made headlines by announcing
sales of $1million' per day via the internet, only a year later the
announcement came as the figure was up to $5million' per day. However
the revolution does not just favour the large, multinationals, smaller
companies, are likely to see the most benefit from the technological
expansion, setting up a site may cost a few thousand pounds, but that
cost is trivial compared with the cost of establishing overseas sales
and distribution network. So exporting becomes much more affordable.
This has great potential for firms offering a wide range of highly
specialised goods. For example a site selling classic car parts or
sports memorabilia. Orders may start coming in from Tokyo or

On a wider note, the Internet has revolutionised communication
networks, allowing for messages to be transferred internally, within a
company, or externally from company to company. This has allowed

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