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The Pros And Cons Of Natural Child Birth

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The focus of this paper is to discuss the different characteristics of the two most effective methods of child births: Natural births and Cesarean section (C-section). Child birth includes labor and delivery; the entire process of passage from the womb, to the birth canal, to the outside world. Natural birth is a method of child birth in which medical interventions are minimal and the mother usually practices relaxation and breathing techniques to minimize pain during delivery. Cesarean section (c-section) is a method of birth which involves delivery through incisions in the abdominal walls and uterus. Natural births and C-sections both pose documented medical risks to the mother’s health including infections and other medical mishaps (Rowe- Murray 2002).
Giving birth is a memorable moment however it could be a very trying experience as well. Childbirth can be overwhelming depending on the mother’s health and medical history. The main objective of this paper is to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each method of childbirth. Information will also be obtained about natural childbirths and C-sections. The information used to compare and contrast natural births and C-sections are the two types of birthing method that was gathered from two research articles pertaining to natural births and c- sections. There will be a significant difference in the birthing methods because each method has a different impact on the mother’s body (Dewey 2003). The purpose of this paper is to gain knowledge of what natural childbirth and c- sections are and how they affect the woman’s body.

What is Natural Birth?
Natural birth is a method of childbirth in which medical intervention is minimal and the mother practices relaxation and breathing techniques to minimize pain during delivery. Modern obstetrics has created an entire industry to observing and documenting pregnancy and birth. Child birth can be a very emotional event in in a woman’s life (Taylor 2000). One has to adjust and learn to adapt to the many situations that may occur during this life changing experience. The response of both the mother and father are vital during the birthing experience. The birthing process will go smooth if everything is practiced before the time comes to deliver.
When a pregnant woman goes through the normal stages of pregnancy and there are no complications, natural birth is the preferred method of delivery. During each birthing stage the mother is conscious and very much involved; she is able to fully experience the entire process as the baby passes through the birth canal.
Pros and Cons
Some mothers breast feed after giving birth, which can help strengthen the bond between the mother and child. Usually, women who give birth naturally remain in the hospital one to two days after giving birth. Many heal quickly and have a faster recovery and less pain than those having undergone a C-section. Babies born naturally...

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