The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teleworking To Employers And Employees

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Teleworking is the practice of working at home or a remote location, using a means of communication to contact the workplace(in this case ICT). There are many reasons why teleworking is becoming more attractive to business, all of which will be outlined in this report.Government research from 1996 has suggested that the numbers of people working from home increased rapidly through the 1980's to a total of 1.2 million. A report by the Henley Business School in 1997 said that there were already 4 million teleworkers in the UK. Various sources predict that up to one-third of all work will be done at home within 25 years. This picture is somewhat confused by the different definitions of homeworkers and teleworkers, but the overall picture is clear; home-based teleworking is becoming more and more possible.This is mostly, if not wholly due to the ever-increasing development in ICT technology. The use of specialist equipment such as computers and the Internet in the workplace has made teleworking a very attractive option for many companies. The findings from the studies mentioned above highlight this. In the 1980s, computers were less a part of everyday life, as not many people owned a personal computer. Nowadays, it is estimated that around 5 in 6 homes has 1 if not more computers. The increase in teleworking and the increase in the number of homes that own a PC are therefore very strongly related.There are many questions then that one would ask about teleworking; mainly, what are its advantages? And why is it considered such a good move for companies to invest in its use? I will attempt to answer those questions in this report.Advantages for the employeeTeleworking holds many obvious advantages for the employee, or teleworker. The most prominent advantage would be that the teleworker would not be under the stress that can be common in the workplace. More than 90 percent of BT's teleworkers who responded to a European Union-backed survey said they experienced less stress and that their productivity increased -- plus, they had more leisure time. The results are obviously positive, if the right attitude is taken.Another advantage is that of being away from co-workers, so there are less distractions. Several studies have shown that many people feel the worse thing about their job is the people they have to deal with. By teleworking, the employer is effectively removing anybody who could be a hindrance to both the productivity and satisfaction of the worker.The employee would find it advantageous when they come to organise their day. They can start and finish work whenever they want, provided their employee has not enforced any deadlines. More flexible working times can only lead to a more satisfied employee. Flexible working times also mean employees with other commitments can structure their work around other activities such as the care of children or an elderly relative for example.One of the main benefits of teleworking is the time saved from not...

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