The Advantages Of Child Care Centers

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“In 2002 63% of children under age five were placed in some type of non-maternal child care setting” (Peng and Robbins, 1). This large percentage is due to the fact that many families especially child bearing women have no choice but to work in order to support their growing family. Therefore the parents have the option of enrolling their children into a type of non-maternal or family based childcare facility. Even though this may what’s more convenient for most parents, there’s still a lot of thought that goes into deciding what center will offer your child the most, developing wise. “Experts agree that the first three to five years of life lay the foundation of each individual’s personality, belief systems, and ways of seeing and being in the world” (Olds, 8). So, many parents would agree that finding the right center for their child is a very big deal.
One type of childcare that many are familiar with is non-maternal. “Non-maternal care is defined as the care of a child by someone other than the child’s mother for at least 10 hours a week on a regular basis” (Peng and Robbins, 9). The purpose of all, if not most childcare centers is to provide children with the appropriate care and education that will prepare them for the next level of education. Seeing as “six out of every ten mothers of children under age six are employed” there is definitely a need and possibly a demand for childcare centers (Lynn, 2). There is, however, one big mistake people often make when thinking of childcare. Childcare and daycare, no matter how similar they may seem, are not the same. A daycare is simply there to take care and watch over the child, while childcare centers act more as the school before actual grade school by prepping kids for it.
“Some of the main concerns for parents when entering their children into childcare is the child’s safety and security, what their child is going to be learning, the activities, daily routine, and meals being served” (Queen). Questions like these are likely to come up when a parent is leaving their child anywhere just to be sure they have an idea of what will be going on while they aren’t present. Just like any public place in which people are personally paying for services, strangers are very likely to be asked there purpose for being there. So you can draw from this that in a setting of infants and preschoolers, only parents and authorized personnel would be allowed into the facility without question.
Also, in addition to how centers could help children grow mentally, parents should also take into consideration how their child would be growing physically. While talking with Mrs. Patricia Queen, who has a bachelor’s in early childhood development, she gave some insight into just how the activities within the center she currently works in are run. “Activities are planned with the children’s interest in mind. If they are weak in one skill, we plan activities to strengthen those skills (Queen). For the...

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