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The Benefits Of Energy Medicine Essay

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Healthcare industry has a giant place in economy, and medicine part of that industry is developing very rapidly because everyday people use medicines to prevent illnesses, to reduce stress, or to be more energetic. However, many people start to see disadvantages of conventional medicine because of its high costs and side effects. At this time, complementary and alternative medicine shows itself as a good alternative. It is not a type of conventional medicine because it has different ways for treatment, and has different products and practices. There are five types of complementary and alternative medicine which are alternative medical systems, mind-body interventions, biologically-based therapies, manipulative and body-based methods and energy medicine. Nowadays, energy medicine starts to improve its role in complementary and alternative medicine. Energy medicine can be used for healing and can also improve a person’s wellness and make a person’s performance better. Besides, energy medicine is speedy, holistic, practical and efficient. Therefore, energy medicine can replace or be used to support conventional medicine in some ways. Doctors and nurses should learn to use energy medicine especially for critical care.
In “Six Pillars of Energy Medicine: Clinical Strengths of a Complementary Paradigm” David Feinstein and Donna Eden (2008) argue that clinical experience and scientific investigations make energy medicine more reliable, and according to them because of six major reasons energy medicine can be used as a support to conventional medicine or as a full system for self-care and self-help. Energy medicine utilizes electromagnetic fields in the body because electromagnetic fields are managing all cells’ roles in the body. To operate the body in harmony there are three energy fields. First one is the biofield (aura) which surrounds the body, and holds and carries information. The second one is local fields (chakras) which are specific points in the body. The last one is energy pathways (meridians) which make the flow of specific energies within the body. As a result, using energy medicine can regulate a person’s energy with specific methods to heal illness and stay healthy.
After understanding the working process of energy medicine, people should realize that conventional medicine is not the best way for healing illnesses. According to Feinstein& Eden (2008) conventional medicine’s methods only include the chemistry of the body, but not body’s energy. For treatment, doctors who depend on conventional medicine propose to give some same medicine to everybody without looking patients’ personal differences. Then, this treatment can cause wrong treatment. Research shows that in the USA every year between 100 000 and 300 000 patients become close to die because of the wrong treatment. On the other hand, energy medicine uses electromagnetic fields for healing and preventing. Energy medicine has the ability to reach the ill part...

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