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The Benefits Of Genetic Engineering Essay

3305 words - 13 pages

I. Thesis statement: The benefits of genetic engineering far outweigh its potential for misuse.
II. Genetic Engineering

A. Definition of Genetic Engineering. (#6)
B. Who invented Genetic Engineering

Gregor Mendel (Christopher Lampton #7)
Thomas Hunt Morgan (Christopher Lampton #7)
III. Benefits of Genetic Engineering

A. Genetic Screening (Laurence E. Karp #4)
B. Gene Therapy (Renato Dulbecco #6)
C. Cloning
D. Genetic Surgery (Christopher Lampton #7)
E. Benefits in Agriculture (David Pimentel and Maurizio G. Paoletti #2)

IV. Potential Problems

A. Ethics-playing God.
B. What can be considered a disease or not.
C. Mutant Army

V. Arguments Against Problems

A. Creation is a gift.
B. All technologies have potential for abuse.
C. Already unlocked "genetic genie" cannot put back into bottle.
D. Laws to regulate genetics.
E. Genetic Engineering can be used for so many good things. (restate benefits)

VI. Closing Statements

A. Though genetic engineering has potential for abuse, with tight control, the abuse can be minimized and the benefits can still be reaped from it.
Genetic engineering is a quite volatile topic these days. On the one side, people are screaming about how people are "playing God" and the potential for disaster, and on the other side people are screaming about the vast potential for good that it has. But how can anyone make a decision if most of those people do not even know what genetic engineering is?

The man who perhaps started this genetic revolution was a humble Augustininan monk by the name of Gregor Mendel. He lived in a monastery and raised peas in his garden. He studied the way in which certain traits of the peas, such as the color of the flower and the wrinkling of the peas, were passed from one generation of the plant to the next. He reasoned that there were certain rules by which these characteristics were inherited. He guessed that each plant must possess some sort of unit that specified its characteristics. In fact, each must have two units, one from each parent plant. If the plant inherited two different units, then one would override the other. This was called the dominant unit, and the one that was overridden was called the recessive unit. Mendel's theories were not discovered till 1900, and it began the science called genetics , the study of a physical inheritance. From this name, Mendel's units were changed into genes.

Another man who contributed greatly to the study of genetics, was an American biologist by the name of Thomas Hunt Morgan. He studied the ways that characteristics were passed from one generation of fruit flies to the next. He learned that the genes in fruit flies behaved in the same way as the genes in pea plants. He also noticed that certain genes were...

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