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The Advantages Of Home Schooling Essay

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According to the U.S. National Center for Educational Statistics, an estimated 1.7 million children are home-schooled in the US as of 2013. Those children are mostly overlooked and underestimated when it comes to comparing their learning experience and over all knowledge after completing high school. Often, home-schooled children are criticized for lack of a social life and limited exposure to the school environment; But according to the US Department of Education on their website, 91% of parents said they chose to home-school because of the concern of the environment of public schools. Home-schooling is superior than public school due to the smaller class sizes, personalized learning, and higher success rate.
What is the significant difference between homeschooling and public school that makes the positive impact on students? Homeschooling allows the student more time to be taught individually and in a personalized way as every student gets the opportunity to have one on one time with a teacher or tutor that can work with them individually. Most public schools have class sizes 25 to 35 students on average to one teacher. With homeschooling there is usually only 2 to 3 students per teacher.
Home-schooled students also have the opportunity to be flexible with the pace that they learn, and are much less likely to be pushed ahead when they are struggling. The amount of homework is up to the teacher, as well as starting time. Sometimes students learn best early in the morning, sometimes in the evening. Home-schooling gives students the opportunity to see what fits best with their personality and molds itself around the student. Public school, however, has students conform to their methods. Often times, public schools seem to be more concerned with getting students through the whole school year, or study just to pass the tests, rather than meets the individual needs of each student.
Many times, home-schooled children are categorized in two different ways. Either they are well educated and well disciplined, or they are lazy and unruly. These assumptions may have some truth to them, the outcome of the student greatly depends on the teacher or parent. Home-schooling is what the teacher and student makes it out to be, it can be a fun, interactive, and personalized experience for students or it can be very self taught and isolated. Home-schooling is not meant for everyone, it is a kind of education that works for certain people, adults and children alike. For the students who have difficulty with...

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