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The Advantages Of Homeschooling Essay

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The Advantages of Homeschooling
The reasons home schooling has an advantage over public schools are: children can learn at their own pace, homeschooling allows for a more customized learning experience, and it brings families closer together.
One of the reasons is because children can learn at their own pace. First, Children need to feel secure in order to learn and retain information. Children who are welcomed to learn at their own pace have a higher sense of security than that of a student who feels pressured in following a particular curriculum schedule. “Home schooling is intensely personal, closely supervised, intentional, delight-directed, and not based on a one-size-fits-all ...view middle of the document...

In addition to customization, there are other benefits to homeschooling. It brings families closer together First, It enables families to have more control over how much or little time is spent on doing school work and how much or little time is spent on other activities and allows the parents to decide when to introduce their faith and what they believe. Finally, homeschooling is beneficial because it allows children to be more involved in their communities. Since parents have the freedom to teach what and when they want, children have more time to take on leadership roles and do volunteer work. One of the most important advantages of homeschooling is that the practice has the ability to breakdown racial and socioeconomic barriers.
Because homeschooling allows families to come closer together. First, most homeschoolers are taught by their parents and have more bonding experiences with them. By children getting the opportunity to have their parent teach them on a daily basis, the children and the parent get the highly important time to bond with one another. They also spend more time with their siblings (if they have any, that is). Older children can help their younger siblings with their assignments. This amount of time spent with the family is something that children who go to school for eight hours a day, separated from their parents and siblings, unfortunately do not frequently experience except on holidays. Even in the summer, both parents may be working and the children can't spend as much time with them as they should.

In conclusion , homeschooling is a very unique practice, However , the decision to homeschool should not be take lightly. It is a commitment , with many advantages and disadvantages . Parents have been educating their children form the...

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