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The Benefits Of Hybrid Cars Essay

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For years, new technology has been, and continues to emerge in society. One aspect that has been affected greatly by it is the environment. There have been many different inventions created in order to help protect our planet, and to help people be more efficient with energy use. An upcoming and improving invention that has become very popular is hybrid cars. The question is not if these cars are more efficient and helpful to our environment, but whether consumers should invest in buying one.
Many people know about hybrid cars, but just as many people don’t know exactly how they work. Due to this reason, they find no interest in buying one. Hybrid cars are extremely different from cars that are powered only by gasoline. These cars that run off of gasoline produce more pollution which is affecting the environment in a negative way. A gasoline-electric car, which uses both gasoline and electric power, emits a tremendously less amount of pollution into the air (Nice).
A major issue dealing with Hybrid cars is finding another energy source. Americans rely on oil to run our engines and the United States uses 25 percent of the world’s oil (Kallen). The necessity of importing oil from other countries costs consumers $200,000 per minute (Kallen). Finding alternative energy sources for our automobiles will help Americans save money. The only problem with finding another source of energy is the fact that to make energy, it takes energy to do so (Kallen). Although having additional energy sources, nothing will compare to the convenience and reliability of oil. Using electric energy won’t last long or help propel machinery or cars (Kallen). In order to progress the study of alternative energy, one must be open to the new ideas being introduced.
Having a hybrid car is useful in more ways than just one. By using the electric powered engine, one is not only limiting the amount of pollution given off, but they also have the option of using gasoline if they have to. This comes in handy due to the fact that most cars can only go about 50 or 100 miles per charge. Hybrid cars are also much smaller than gasoline cars. In most scenarios, the larger the car the more cylinders it has. Having more cylinders requires the car to hold more fuel in order to run smoothly, which in turn costs the consumer more money (Nice).
Many people wonder how exactly hybrid cars can improve the fuel economy. Besides the fact that hybrid cars are smaller and don’t need fuel to work, there are many other fuel efficient factors that make hybrid cars better for the economy. One example is when you push the brakes driving a gasoline based car; you are converting that energy into heat. With a hybrid car, the car takes that heat energy and stores it into the battery (Ajava). This is just one of the many efficient ways these hybrid cars run. Another way is that hybrid cars are built with a smaller body. Due to aerodynamic drag (which is the work the engine does pushing...

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