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The Benefits Of Music On Exercise Performance

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The study of physical activity has rapidly evolved over past decades. Accompanying it’s growing importance has been the diversity of studies contributing to the many aspects involved when examining physical activity (Karageorhis, Priest, 2012). . Pre – existing studies regarding music and exercise were scarce (13) when first evaluated by (Karageorhis, Terry, 1997), and when reevaluated in again in 2011 (Karageorhis, Priest, 2012). the number of significant studies on the subject had increased many times over (62) . Along with an increase in the number of studies has also come an increase in validity due to negligence when accounting for variables that would influence the studies. The selection of music that accompanies exercise has significant importance. Music that has personal relevance ( such as the subject personally selecting the music) or evokes specific emotional responses elicit more significant responses in performances. Typically this is reflected by above expected levels of power, endurance and strength (Biagini, Brown, Coburn, Judelson, Statler, Bottaro, Tran, Longo, 2012). These physical manifestations of musical stimulation are also accompanied and related to psychological benefits that are induced.. Specifically musical stimulation has been revealed to produce benefits in physical performance (Jarraya, Chtourou, Souissi). Studies regarding this subject have been performed on subjects at Universities, and henceforth subjects are aged in a range from 18-21 years of age. This will be an examination of studies involving subjects that fit this criteria. This unique stimulation touches upon many aspects of physical functioning that when combined accumulatively produce noticeable variations from a control subject (not exposed to music). This paper evaluates and compares various studies performed on the subject of musical stimulus during exercise and the physiological affects this stimulus encourages.
In the study “The Effects of Music on High-intensity Short-term Exercise in Well Trained Athletes” (Jarraya, Chtourou, Souissi, 2012), twelve male subjects were selected and studied regarding the effects of adding high tempo music (> 120-140 bpm) . The focal points of this study were the resulting heart rates and ratings of perceive exertion. Borg’s Rating’s of Perceived Exertion (RPE) were exclusively used in all studies referred to in this paper to assess these subjects. Two sessions of exercise were required to assess benefits of musical stimulus, one with the variable and one without. In attempt to mimic the circumstances that a typical athlete would endure, exposure to music was only allowed during the ten minute warm-up period prior to performing a Wingate test. The Wingate test had subjects at one point pedal as fast as possible in order to produce peak and mean powers during the test. Heart rates were measured throughout testing, and ratings of perceived exertion were evaluated using the Borg’s scale. Statistical analysis revealed...

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