The Many Benefits Of Stem Cell Research

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Have we really found a way to cure and help rehabilitate people from disease? What if the answer lies at the tip of what others consider life and other consider a cluster of cells. The thought is drilled deep into the study of stem cell research. The embryo as religions and pro-life organization considerate to be a human begin, is destroyed in the process of extracting stem cells. Although, Stem cell research destroys the embryos, it has allowed us to advance in ways medicine has failed us and opens new possibilities to apply stem cells with robotics.
Stem cell research is beginning to make rise in the field of biomechanics. Using cartilage to form a organ and giving the organ life by spraying stem cells on it, we are just beginning to learn how these cell can be used to use to create body parts that function with out the body rejecting them. This is just the beginning because in years to come we will begin to replace a hearing aid with the actual working ear drum or replace a blind man with a pair of working eyes. The next step would be to enhance it with using robotic parts. For example the hearing aid can start to pick up on pitches that a normal human ear can't hear. Stem cell research is not quite there because the research and funding is slowed down by religion and pro-life groups. According to these groups the embryo is a human begin, and deserves protection from abuse. This is where science and belief fall into a grey zone.
Religious groups and pro-life organizations don't have tools to measure their beliefs. Yes! Is it alive and the embryos have human cells, however it does not have organs, a nervous system or a pulsating heart. The embryo is in its blastocyst stage where it is only a mass of cells. What scientist do, is they extract the inner cell mass (ICM) and culture the cells in a dish. This process destroys the blastocyst cell, not allowing it to develop. We don't have a way of measuring a soul and this issue becomes tangled in moral issues. Belief and science are two parallel streets at the moment. Stem cell research has it flaws “Experiments [...] have shown that spontaneous tumor formation is a persistent problem.”(Deem) [Refutation]Although deem is correct with the development of tumor, we can argue against him because we need to look further into why these tumor are forming and learn how to avoid them. This becomes complicated when the funding is not there. [Ethos]The study of this tumors can probably be the end of stem cells, however, to understand that, we need to continue the research. Although this can be true, we do have good results in studying the recovery in stem cells.
Sylvia Perez a newscast reporter for abc news, reports on David Stukenborg recovery. Stukenborg mentions that he feel thats this great for those who can use stem cells to avoid becoming paralyzed. The stem cells are used to help Stukenborg recover from his spinal cord injury. Scientist Craig Venter, “recently announced the creation of the...

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