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Who could live without a cell phone these days? Until two years ago, I never used cellphones. “We could figure it out before we ever used cellphones. Why do I need a cellphone now?” I would stubbornly rant. At the same time, I was often forced to admit in embarrassment “No, I just have a LAN line.” I would endure estranged glares when asking “So, should I just knock on the door when I get there?” It just wasn’t practical anymore. Defeated by popular trends, I drove to the Verizon store and grudgingly requested a smart phone with a plan. Seconds after pulling out of the parking lot I had an opportunity to use the new features. Using my fancy new data plan, I paid the cell phone ticket I just got practically before the cop sat back in his cruiser. Technology is a term which can have an intimidating effect. Indeed, with complex circuitry, esoteric engineering, and convoluted interfaces, technology seems daunting and foreign. However, this is a cliché and inappropriate attitude. Identical to a vexed old man complaining about the damned kids skateboarding on the side walk while struggling to operate a microwave. Clinging to the “old ways” and maligning new technology and culture. Admittedly, it is a tempting position to take. A stagnant paradigm is very predictable, secure, and comfortable. However, it denies human nature; also, sacrifices connectivity and autonomy to some degree. The fact of the matter is, technology has and continues to have a prolific effect on society. Inherent to human nature; the use of technology allows people to connect to one another and express autonomy more so now than ever before.
Firstly, the use of technology is part of human nature. Since the dawn of humans technology has been directly involved in and a proponent to society and culture. The advance nature of newer technologies doesn’t disregard the same truths. Smoke signal, carrier pidgin, letter, telegraph, phone call, e-mail, text message, and Facetime are all technologies which grew alongside of societies. On the other hand, automatic and instantaneous services seem like adulterants to a culture; and are causing complacency. In addition, society may becoming addicted to or dependent on technology. Concurrently, Sherry Turkle has mentions akin to those concerns “We are learning to see ourselves as cyborgs…. Since our devices have become more closely coupled to our sense of our bodies and increasingly feel like extensions of our minds.” (Turkle P.274) Effectively, Turkle accurately points out that technology has become the means of expression; an intermediary. Turkle would claim societies are dependent on these technologies or devices. Although, she avidly uses the word “devices” which is misleading to the reader. For inquiry, would Turkle consider a 50 inch T.V. a device, or a fork, or jewelry? By definition those would have to be included for consideration. Turkle, may have alluded to referring to portable electronic devices but, never specifically states it....

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