The Pros Of The Government Legalizing Marijuana.

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Marijuana is a problem in today's society because of marijuana related crimes. The police force is over worked, the taxpayers are spending extreme amounts of money to house these so called prisoners, and the government is losing money on marijuana prevention programs. Thus far we have three options on how to deal with marijuana, legalize it, allow it to be used only for prescription drug purposes, or keep it illegal. There are numerous benefits in legalizing marijuana such as the medical treatment it offers, reducing over crowding in prison, it will eliminate the black market sales and other crimes related to the illegal sale of marijuana, and the amount of money that the government can make off of the growing and selling of marijuana is substantial. On the flip side of things, many people feel that marijuana should remain illegal. They believe that marijuana is a 'gate-way' drug, that the physical side effects are too great, and that it is harmful to the body. It is only through examination that we begin to realize the beneficial qualities this plant has to offer. The government will profit in many ways by legalizing marijuana.
It has been proven that marijuana can greatly reduce some of the effects of cancer. In addition marijuana has prolonged the lives of people who were diagnosed as terminally ill. Many people rely on the drug to ease their pain and suffering. Another important benefit of marijuana is its usefulness in reducing nausea in chemotherapy patients. Marijuana helps patients more than any other prescribed drug currently available. Nearly half of the doctors who were asked said they have suggested using marijuana, or would prescribe it if it were legal. (Oakes 9) As more and more research becomes available for marijuana, people are beginning to realize that it can help patients with other medical problems. In fact, marijuana has already been legalized for medical use in Arizona and California. Doctors have been allowed to prescribe the drug to people with certain illnesses. The one problem that results from this is the fact that Federal laws supersede State laws. The Government is trying to prosecute doctors who prescribe marijuana even though they are allowed to by state law. For the last ten years the government has sparingly dispensed marijuana to a minute portion of the population to receive it legally on an experimental basis for the treatment of glaucoma and nausea related to cancer chemotherapy.
At the peak of the Drug Wars in the late 1980s the Department of Health and Human Services began receiving dozens of applications from AIDS patients, for whom marijuana's hunger inducing effects was the only thing that separated them from life and death. As they lost weight and strength, they found it more and more difficult to sustain the will to live. Instead of seeing the demand, Health and Human Services quickly shut down the program, only allowing the select group already benefiting from marijuana to continue. Helping people in...

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