The Benefits Of The Uk Having A Constitutional Monarchy

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The Advantages of the UK Having a Constitutional Monarchy

As we enter the 21st century, the discussion about the existence of
constitutional monarchy has become more and more commonplace. The
¡®constitutional monarchy¡¯ means the monarch's powers are largely
exercised by the elected government. The Queen is Head of State which
means she symbolizes the ultimate sovereignty of the state and
represents Britain in an official capacity when foreign Heads of state
visit the UK. Different people hold quite different point of views on
this topic, however I, personally, would argue that the advantages of
the UK having a constitutional monarchy are much greater than its
disadvantages and the monarchy should not be fully abolished.

The disadvantages

In order to prove my viewpoint, I want to concisely list and discuss
some disadvantages of having a constitutional monarchy first.

Firstly, some of the people submit that the existence of monarchy
underpins hierarchy and difference. As far as we know, monarchy is
inherited and privileged; some of his/her decisions may favour the
upper classes instead of ordinary citizens. Some people may therefore
argue that why we cannot elect a monarchy by ourselves on the basis of
every citizen is born to be equal? Some critics recognise that this
fact is really unequal to ordinary people in some degree, but, anyone
cannot deny a truth that the inherited monarchy is the most suitable
one. Queen has become the focus of the world since she was born as
well as she has devoted herself to the royal affairs from that time
onward. All these affairs give her enough experience to deal with the
tough issues after she become the monarch. There is no one else could
have this chance to accumulate the same experience. Therefore, for the
smooth development of the UK, an inherited monarchy is not a bad
choice at least.

Secondly, there is a saying stating, ¡°to support the monarchy is a
conservative view that undermines the democracy¡±. Generally speaking,
democracy means ¡°the belief in freedom and equality between people,
or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is
either held by elected representatives or directly by the people
themselves¡±[i] Many people complain that monarchy is conservative and
no longer suits the modern society. The power should be handed over to
the elected representatives. Monarchy in this situation plays an
unpopular role. However, I still want to argue that the UK is a large
country and different people hold quite different view on the same
thing. As we know, there are three large parties, i.e. Labour Party,
Conservative Party and Liberal Democratic Party. It is arguable fact
that the politicians nowadays become only want to gain more benefits
for their own party. In this circumstance, we need...

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