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The Advantages Of Using The Flipped Classroom Model In The Efl Classroom In Nicaragua

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The Advantages of Using the Flipped Classroom Model in the EFL Classroom in Nicaragua

Quoting Nelson Mandela, ¨Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world¨. Education is a never-ending process that requires constant learning, updating and guidance; much like technology which evolves very quickly trying to adjust to the everyday needs of the individuals all over the world. In the recent years, technology and education have tighten the knot to enhance learning and reach all learning styles; and enrich the teaching quality with great technologically developed teaching tools to ensure class success. Nicaraguan English Teaching institutions, though in a developing country, have made great efforts to keep up to date with the new teaching methodologies in the field including the integration of technology. Now the trend in Education refers to a new model and the English Teaching Institutions do not want to fall behind. Therefore, ELT in Nicaragua with the predilection of blended learning has to integrate technology to the classroom as a necessary tool for English teaching. For this reason, The Flipped classroom model, the new trend in teaching, offers a great advantage to EFL learners to engage in more collaborative tasks, become independent learners and use technology positively in and outside the classroom to acquire the language more naturally.

According to Deb Weitzenkamp in her article Bloom and the Flipped classroom, the theoretical framework behind the flipped classroom is that it is ¨a pedagogical concept where the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed¨. In the flipped classroom model the teacher posts videos of the class content and learners watch them as many times as they want from home or in the class, the basic requirement: computer, and internet connection. This format allows for learners to watch the videos as many times as they want, or need, and work on the exercises the instructor assigns. How does this relate to EFL setting? Instructors record the vocabulary, grammatical explanations, or even pronunciation practice that learners can have at hand for presentation and reinforcement. Thus, flipping allows for students to use the classroom time for more productive tasks and interactive assignments. The flipped classroom provides learners with content information and presentation before reaching the class which permits learners to inquire, interact with classmates and instructors instantly as well as post questions that the instructor later uses as feedback for class reinforcement while working online. So, while students complete the online tasks from home; in the classroom instructors tailor tasks according to the student´s needs and learners take advantage of the time to work in groups, interact and reinforce concepts that were not clear to them, hence work in collaborative tasks.

In addition, the greatest advantage of the Flipped Classroom...

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