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The Benefits Of Wilderness Sports And Adventure Education

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Adventure Education can be defined in many ways. I feel that Adventure Education is a direct, active, and engaging learning experience that involve the whole person and have real consequences. What I get from this definition is that students are active, always involved, while they learn from new experiences that can have real consequences like getting hurt. Another way to define it is the promotion of learning through adventure centered experiences, for example, outdoor sports, challenge courses and races. When teaching Adventure Education there are many skills and concepts that are applied with the lesson, but more importantly, there needs to be a base understanding of where adventure education originates from.
Wilderness Sports and Adventure Education has been growing in Physical Education classes across the nation. It all started in the 1940’s where the natural environment was used for youth development programs. An example of this would be boy scouts. They used orienteering, like using a map and compass, to navigate from point A to point B. A huge leap in history of wilderness sport and adventure education was Project Adventure. This program took Adventure Education away from the orienteering and remodeled it, and introduced ropes courses, and challenge courses. It kept the environment involved but made it a little more physically challenging for students. Project Adventure mission is to expand Adventure-based experiential programing, with a goal of developing responsible individuals, productive organization and sustainable communities.
There are many skills and concepts that are cohesive with Adventure education. They vary from improvement of physical fitness of students through unique outdoor sports all the way to creating new lass bonds in the natural would. The ropes courses are a great way to build upper body strength, rock climbing, and balance while walking across a rope bridge and improvement on their cardio output by having a variety or races. When teaching this in a classroom setting you should see collaborative teamwork and a sense of ethics and cooperative responsibility for the greater community. A lot of the activities use groups and teams to complete a task, like the game “All aboard” where the objective is to have all students in groups and race to see who can get all their team members balances on the platform. If a student falls off, all students must get off and start over. Students will learn to work together to complete the task. The main concept that is focused on during this lesson is safety.
Adventure Education will be fun for a class, no matter of the age but there are so many safety points that have to be informed. The teacher has to be certified for the activity or the school needs to bring in a company that is. Sometimes there will be waiver forms just in case of a serious injury, but that is just for the school districts or companies liability. Some of the activities require spotters, so communication between...

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