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The Advantages Of X Ray Essay

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In Dentistry, Radiography (the making of radiographs by exposing an image receptor) is very common. “Radiographs and other imaging modalities are used to diagnose and monitor oral diseases, as well as monitor dentofacial development and the progress or prognosis of therapy.” (Association, 2012). Even though radiation exposure from the dental radiographs is low, the patients and the ADA (American Dental Association) believes that there are some safety tips that must be followed in order for the patient to feel comfortable with getting the radiograph every six months to a year. Modern x-ray equipment is programmed to reduce the amount of radiation. X-rays in dentistry can be performed by ...view middle of the document...

(Association, 2012).
The Lead Apron is placed over the patients’ abdomen to protect the organs and other radiosensitive tissues from potential scatter radiation during radiographic procedures. “The lead apron was recommended for protecting patients during exposure of dental radiographs many years ago when dental x-ray machine output was less reliable and film speeds were slower than today’s standards.
There are two different types of image receptors; they are the intra- and extraoral digital radiography. The image receptor holder eliminates having the patient hold the receptor in the oral cavity with the fingers. (Evelyn Thomson, 2012).
The number of images is very important. You don’t want to have to do too many different radiographs. When you are in need of more than one copy of radiographs, the operator should use a double film packet.
There are steps that the dental staff needs to take in order to ensure the safety of the patient and the dental operator. The protection measures for the patient include professional judgment, technical ability of the operator, technique standards, equipment standards, and optimum film process.
You can ensure the safety by using your professional judgment when determining whether or not the patient needs a radiograph. The technical ability of the operator includes the communication that the operator uses, the working knowledge of quality radiographs, and continuing the education. The technique standards are the...

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