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The Benefits Provided By International Diplomacy In Syria

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Israel's economy and national security is currently in great danger. With inflation rising, Israel is predicted to slide into a recession. Israel/Palestine conflict continues despite multiple efforts to stop the chaos through military intervention. Recently, the parliament held a session to brainstorm a list of ideas to solve Israel’s problems. Some hours later, no progress had been made, so Prime Minister Netanyahu stood up and said "Quiet down everyone! I have an idea; I've got the solution to all our problems. We'll declare war on the United States!" Everyone began yelling, "You're crazy! That’s nuts." "Just hear me out!" declared Netanyahu. "We will first declare war. Then, when we lose, the United States will perform its typical routine. She’ll rebuild everything; our schools, highways, airports, military, shipping ports, hospitals, factories; and loan us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and send us plenty of food aid. Our problems will all be solved." On a more serious note, force leads to nothing but trouble as shown in our world today. Ukrainian protests have destroyed the city of Kiev, killing more than seventy-five. U.S. backed protests aimed to promote freedom and democracy in Venezuela, have shown light on governmental corruption while increasing the death toll. Violence, corruption, and death are prominent in the Middle East due to corrupt leaders and strong opposition. Kabul, Afghanistan is plagued by attacks from the Taliban and other suicidal bombers. Also in this region, Syrian internal conflict has led to a full-blown civil war which is threatening the security of the Middle East. Because of Syrian violence, the United Nations Security Council should intervene diplomatically.
A successful diplomacy with Syria can reduce their chemical weapons which would have far reaching implications. In 2013, the Voice of America, a U.S. government run news agency, reported that if the United States were to reduce Syria’s chemical weapons, it could set an internationally recognized behavioral standard for countries such as Iran and North Korea. Chemical weapons pose a grave threat to all nations. Therefore, it is imperative that we implement well established and supported policies to prevent such a threat. A recent study performed by the Foreign Policy magazine concluded that the greatest United States successes abroad were created through effective diplomacy. They noted that continual use of force and the lack of diplomacy lead to nothing but conflict. These studies show that effective diplomacy has the potential to create great protection from the threat of Syrian chemical weapons.
Diplomacy in Syria would not only benefit global security, but it would also set a precedent for dealing with the Israel-Palestine conflict. Recently released research by Dr. Gershon Baskin, Founder of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information and former co-CEO, found that diplomacy in Syria would begin to help secure a “real,...

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