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The Adventure Of Life Essay

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I’m a college student and I’m from Vietnam. This is my third terms attending at CNM. I am nineteen years old and I’ve been living in New Mexico five years. I was born and lived in Vietnam for fourteen years. I spent fourteen years of life in Vietnam before moving to America. I missed my country ever since my grandpa wanted me and family to move here. Moving to America give me more opportunities to go to school and have a better life. I am going to tell a bit about my background, interests and goals.
When I came to America there are many things that amazed and changed me. For instance Amerian’s life style. Ones of it is my culture history. I thought the biggest holiday in Vietnam such as Lunar New Year would be forgotten because since there’s a small percentage Asian people living here, they probably don’t celebrate holidays, but my grandpa tells me there still Vietnamese churches, temples going on that practice their faith of culture. They still celebrate all of their traditional holidays. I started going to church and exploring my life by participate in activities such as joining clubs, playing sports. As a college student my dream is become dental hygienist. My goala are become closer and closer every day, and I thought to myself I’m going to achieve this someday in future. As a college student my primary goal is helping people, become a dental hygienist, and take care of my parents.
I started my education at Sandia High School and I was a freshman. Language is something I’m struggling with. I having a hard time communicating with people because most of the word pronounce the same. I enrolled in ESL program to help developed my skills in English. My uncle is the one who inspired me by his great achievement in life and family by chasing his dream and make it comes true. My family always support me in anything that I decide to do. I take that as a base to start reaching my goals. Dental Hygiene is the highest career that I want to obtain. I would chase my dream unconditionally.
I finished elementary school and middle school in Vietnam and I didn’t do well in any subject, but since I move to America my grades have improved with a lot of practice, because practice makes perfect is practice and the most important thing is to keep up my patience. Every day, every night I spend hours and hours to translate and learning new vocabulary. Sometimes I forced myself to hard and “fell on my knees”. But I didn’t stop, I learned how to get up and keep...

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