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It’s amazing how the sea resembles a human life.

The tides slowly build up, getting bigger and larger as they travel across the ocean’s foamy surface. Yet, after all the growing, they break, falling and crashing into nothing. As the days and months go on, the tides have their highs and lows, just like us. Or, like me, for the least.

I sit on the stone railing of our balcony, which is outside of our living room. We live on top of a grassy knoll, so we have a view of our town’s harbor. I sometimes come out here when I am frustrated. It allows me to breathe and escape the stress that the day brings, as I look at the glittering sea for miles until it fades into the golden horizon.

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It is the perfect day to depart to sea, I have to give my dad credit for that. The sea is faint and calm, and the only waves are small and calm. In fact, I can barely hear the faint crashes against the shore. Since it is night, few gulls are out. This causes the sea to be practically silent. The moon is large, bright, and full, shining midway through the sky.

However, the moon’s light is nothing compared to that of the stars. Thousands of them are out, illuminating the rich, blue sky. There must be a hundred constellations visible at this very second, although there are too many stars to make them out instantly. However, I could use those stars to navigate the ship my dad is on this very second. I have read my father's books and maps so many times, I have taught myself how the old sailors found their way around the seas.

Of course, my dad hasn’t bothered to notice that all of his ship novels are tucked between my bed and wall. When I was younger, I would try and show my dad what I knew. Every time, I would get “Catherine Mae Colby, can’t you see that I’m busy?”, or something of the sorts.

And his dagger-sharp tone would cut right through my five-year-old heart, causing me to cry and run to my older sister, Beatrice.

“Daddy, Today I learned why the Greeks named the constellation Hercules!”

“Daddy, guess what? Old sailors used to use the North star to help guide them”

I never got to say those things to my dad. Instead, I told them to Beatrice. And when my sister Beatrice left to live the rest of her life, I was forced to talk only to myself.

And that’s when our family truly fell apart. My mom died of sickness when I was three, so it has always been just my dad and us two girls. Now, it is just my father and I, so I am pretty much alone.

And that is how I will always be, I suppose.


A Few Hours Ago

As I enter my father’s study, I silently shut the large, oak door behind me. My dad has always been a fan...

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