The Adventures Of Peers The Pigmy A Long Story About A Short Person

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Good old Peers, a pigmy through and through. This is the story of the short guy and a guide to making a million or eight. Peers was a short chap about 3ft 5 with his shoes on, he was nothing special as a youngster and lived happily with his big sister- who was allot younger than him. He wasn't ugly and didn't stand out as anything major; he had a normal toned complexion and no spots or glasses. He was a happy soul and had friends but none close to him. The adventures of the chap all started one cold October Monday, he was walking to school with a gang of lads about five in number. It was then strangely they happened upon the subject of piers, the lads unsure about what one was asked Peers. He believed a pier to be a long walk over a solid platform across water. So this is what he told the lads, he also gave the example of the jetty at Treeton Dyke being a pier. A load of laughs let out,"The little fishing jetty isn't a pier,"One said. But it was a long walk for Peers! Then the jokes started about Peers the Pigmy big piers. The distort chap was so embarrassed he ran away, he left home and quit school all in one morning. He caught a train down to Poole where he planned to rid England forever, as a stowaway. The cruel countryside flashed by his window the English giants a product of hell. The journey finished in its destination. This was luckily for Peers between the port and pier of Poole. The 10 minuet walk to the port took Peers all day, it was dark by the time he arrived at the first ship he happened upon. It was a strange ship, there were huge masts where sails could be hung and yet an engine and a new age navigation screen blipping through a port hole Peers looked into. A face leered over at Peers from above;"You there what ye be wanting, I'm the Captain of this craft.""I was looking for free passage out of England, I don't mind hard work on board""Hard aye, there might be a job or two needs doing as my Personal Assistant. Fancy it do you boy, Caribbean next stop.""Thanks that's great," said Peers thrilled and ready for action. The captain of the tall ship kept his promise and dropped Peers off in the Caribbean some weeks later. Peers went down well on board, they thought he was a relation to the founder of Morgan's Rum, this wasn't true but the crew never found out. With 50p and a sore arse Peers set out to begin a new life in the Caribbean.What happened for the next few years is very boring, but Peers had...

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